Payilagam software Training institute is known for its real time Mainframe Training in Chennai. Here we explain what is real time Mainframe Training and how we achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai.

What is Real time Mainframe Training?

Trainees come to us for Mainframe training are freshers or experienced professionals. Either it can be Fresher or experienced professional. But both of them are going to use their learning in the IT industry. They learn here. Then experienced professionals are going to apply their learning in their daily work. Freshers will be attending mainframe interviews. Once they get the job, they are going to lively apply their knowledge what they gain from here.

Our Training program has the components to provide real time working experience in Mainframe.

What is the use of Real time Mainframe Training?

After getting trained from us, freshers shall be attending Mainframe placement interviews. What if the candidate has some knowledge of real time work? What if the candidate is able to solve small issues that can occur in the day to day work? Won’t that impress the interviewer? It will. Obviously our trainees will have the competitive edge over others. Our Real time training will help the experienced professional to work better. It will show light on the grey areas of their Mainframe knowledge. Improved knowledge will result in better work. Better performance will give a better career growth. This is the advantage of having real time Mainframe Training.

How we achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai?

We have the below components in our Training program to achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai.

1. MNC Employees as Trainers

We do not entertain any full time trainers. All our trainers are working employees of leading MNCs in Chennai. Our Trainers have vast working experience in Mainframe. We keep the minimum experience as 3 years when we select any trainer. After all only a real time employee can give real time training.

2. Training on Live IBM Mainframe servers

Our Training is not just theoretical. It is not based on fixed PPTs. We have live IBM Mainframe server connections. Our trainees have live practice in the Mainframe with what they learn in the class. As result, they will be able to solve the issues they encounter. This will give them wider problem solving experience. Problem solving ability is must for a Mainframe professional.

3. Real time case studies and Mini projects

We provide real time case studies to our trainees. We ensure that they do real time Mini projects.


We conduct regular tests . This is to assess the real time knowledge of our trainees. Test includes the real time problems, issues, scenarios. After the test we collect metrics to assess the trainee. We come up with any improvement plan or special coaching for the trainee if needed.

5.Mock Interviews

We bring experts in the Mainframe industry and conduct mock interviews to our trainees. The interview will be a real time Mainframe interview. The interviewer will provide the feedback to the trainee as well as to the trainer. Improvement actions will be taken based on the feedback if needed. Mock interviews will also help our trainees when they go for Mainframe interviews.