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ThinkPalm Technologies Fresher Interview Questions

Our candidates from Payilagam attended ThinkPalm Technologies Fresher Interview yesterday. In ThinkPalm Technologies, at first they test the technical and logical thinking ability of the candidates. For that, they conduct both Technical Written for 1 Hour and Normal Aptitude test for 20 minutes. There will be 50 Technical Aptitude questions and 20 Logical Aptitude Questions. The questions are not much tough. One notable point here is, technical questions are taken from all corners of IT. Some questions are from C language, few are from DBMS, a few questions from Software Testing. Thus, only candidates from IT or CSE background can clear the first round easily. ThinkPalm Technologies Fresher Interview Questions 1) Abbreviation of ACID (from DBMS) 2) Difference between Constant and Variable (Programming) 3) Which software model doesn’t allow changes. (Software Testing) 4) What is Black Box Testing (Software Testing) 5) What is DML 6) Find the output for below program void add() { int a=5, b=-7, c=0, d; d= ++a && ++b || ++c; System.out.println(d); } 7) 10 years ago b is twice of a. Now, ratio of a and b is 3:4.what is the total value of a and b? 8) The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero? Please note, though the questions are not much tougher ones, they mentioned that for every incorrect answer – there will be 0.25 negative mark applied.

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RGS Construction Technologies Interview Question with Answer – 1

Hi, Last week, one of our trainees attended Interview in RGS Construction Technologies in Chennai. They focus mainly on the logical thinking and ability of the candidates. It is a good approach to find out good programmers. One Interview question asked there to find out Longest Bitonic Subsequence. Hope you understand the below program. Comments are added then and there in the program itself to understand clearly. For time being, it is taken from geeksforgeeks, as they have similar, straight forward question in their portal. class LongestBitonicSubsequence { /* lbs() returns the length of the Longest Bitonic Subsequence in arr[] of size n. The function mainly creates two temporary arrays lis[] and lds[] and returns the maximum lis[i] + lds[i] – 1. lis[i] ==> Longest Increasing subsequence ending with arr[i] lds[i] ==> Longest decreasing subsequence starting with arr[i] */ static int lbs( int arr[], int n ) { int i, j; /* Allocate memory for LIS[] and initialize LIS values as 1 for all indexes */ int[] lis = new int[n]; for (i = 0; i < n; i++) lis[i] = 1; /* Compute LIS values from left to right */ for (i = 1; i < n; i++) for (j = 0; j < i; j++) if (arr[i] > arr[j] && lis[i] < lis[j] + 1) lis[i] = lis[j] + 1; /* Allocate memory for lds and initialize LDS values for all indexes */ int[] lds = new int [n]; for (i = 0; i < n; i++) lds[i] = 1; /* Compute LDS values from right to left */ for (i = n-2; i >= 0; i–) for (j = n-1; j > i; j–) if (arr[i] > arr[j] && lds[i] < lds[j] […]

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JavaScript Object Notation It is similar to XML language. The communication between the client and server can also done by JSON format. In JSON, values must be one of the following data types: a string a number an object (JSON object) an array a boolean null In JavaScript values can be all of the above, plus any other valid JavaScript expression, including: a function a date undefined    It is string with certain format. The format is easy to follow and very important. The arrangements are key and values, “name”:”payilagam” In the above example, name is key and payilagam is value. If you have more than one data, we can arrange it in comma separate, “name”:”payilagam”,”place”:”chennai”   In above example has collection object, it should be hold it in the curly braces. {“name”:”payilagam”,”place”:”chennai”} Reference:

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Zoho Interview Question: How to calculate YouTube views when it crosses long size also?

This one is Zoho Interview Question. The interview question asked to a fresher Java candidate from Payilagam in Zoho is – How to calculate YouTube views when it crosses long size also? The answer is very simple. There is a class called BigInteger in Java. If we have any mathematical calculation that crosses the limit of all available Primitive Data types in Java, we can go ahead with BigInteger. BigInteger can contain any large Integer (which is bigger than 64 bit values). As BigInteger is a class and it stores the values in its object, memory allocated here is dynamic. (Remember, objects will have dynamic memory.). There are number of methods available in BigInteger class which you can find in Thus the answer for the asked Interview Question in Zoho – How to calculate YouTube views when it crosses long size also? is quite simple. It is, we can go ahead with BigInteger. Power of BigInteger – Sample Program: If we calculate the factorial value of 50, it crosses more than 50 digits for which we can go with BigInteger. import java.math.BigInteger; public class BigIntegerFactorial { public static void main(String[] args) { calculateFactorial(50); } public static void calculateFactorial(int n) { BigInteger result = BigInteger.ONE; for (int i=1; i<=n; i++) { result = result.multiply(BigInteger.valueOf(i)); } System.out.println(n + “! = ” + result); } }

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Resume Preparation – Skills – 3

This is part 3 in our Resume Preparation – Skills series.  Here, we are going to discuss about the skill sets needed for AngularJS and IoT.  For viewers, who haven’t gone through the previous two part, it is essential to understand the below note carefully. Very important note here is, you should know your skill set prior to preparing the resume.  In some areas, you may be in expert level, for some skills, you may have good experience where as for some skills, you will just have knowledge or good exposure. Hence, in the below skills – It is up to the individual to decide – Experience / Knowledge / Exposure.   AngularJS Knowledge in web-services Creation and Consumption,oops concept,DBMS Good Knowledge in UI Components Good knowledge in front-end technologies JQuery, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript, and OO Java Script. Troubleshoot code level problems quickly and efficiently. Knowledge in java backaned technologies. Web services integrating the app with REST and JSON services Solid foundation of Javascript frameworks Cooperating with the back-end developer in the process of building the restful API. Good programming in Typescript IOT Practices in risk analysis Knowledge on Database technologies. Good Understanding in Java/Python/Node.js. Cloud-based development using AWS/Azure or other container/PaaS environments. Knowledge of IoT Standards and Protocols such as Network Protocols Practices in Embedded Device Programming, Device Protocols. Exposure to Sensor Analytics. Exposure to Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Exposure to analytics and reporting dashboards (mobile and web).

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Resume Preparation – Skills – 2

Hello, In our Resume Preparation – Skills series, this is part 2.  In this post, we are going to discuss about various skills set needed for Java, J2EE and Android skills. Iet me iterate the same thing which I stressed in the previous post. Very important note here is, you should know your skill set prior to preparing the resume.  In some areas, you may be in expert level, for some skills, you may have good experience where as for some skills, you will just have knowledge or good exposure. Hence, in the below skills – It is up to the individual to decide – Experience / Knowledge / Exposure.   Java Skills: Good practice of Exception handling Able to use the Collections API Good knowledge about Multithreading Good knowledge of OOPS concepts Good Knowledge in SQL queries and practices in MYSQL Good Knowledge in Database connection using JDBC J2EE Strong knowledge in OOPs concepts Basic understanding of UI Design using HTML and CSS Practices in deployments and configuration of application in web servers. Development of web application using JSP and Servlet. Sound knowledge of modern software architecture and development techniques. Good knowledge in session management Android Deep understanding of the internals of Android Frameworks. Good knowledge in OOPS concepts and JAVA Detailed knowledge of Android APIs, including animation and building custom views. Knowledge with Android SDK development. Knowledge in building mobile applications that utilizes web services (SOAP / REST / JSON / XML). Practical knowledge with third-party libraries and APIs integration. Good knowledge of database (MySQL, SQLlite) Some Idea about hybrid framework like ionic Design, build and maintain an Android app compatible with multiple versions of Android and device types. Solid understanding of the full mobile […]

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Resume Preparation – Skills – 1

Hi Everyone, In this series, we are going to see about resume preparation. While preparing resume, it is very essential to mention the necessary skill sets. The main focus of this article is going to be updating necessary skills for various jobs in IT. Let us see for Software Testing jobs at first. For a manual tester, what are all the important skills needed. Let us focus on those here. Very important note here is, you should know your skill set prior to preparing the resume.  In some areas, you may be in expert level, for some skills, you may have good experience where as for some skills, you will just have knowledge or good exposure. Hence, in the below skills – It is up to the individual to decide – Experience / Knowledge / Exposure.   Software Testing Experience in End to End Testing, Functional Testing and Manual Testing. Good ability to identify issues/bottlenecks. Good knowledge in functional testing of Web Based/ Mobile applications including back end Database in SQL, MSSQL Very Strong in Analysing the requirements, Test Scenarios & Test Cases Preparations Excellent Problem solving skills with innovative and proactive approach Flexible and be able to work with changing priorities Experience of working in Agile Delivery Model Ability to identify process improvement areas and opportunities Assertive communication skills, Presentation skills ability to work with minimal direction Able to manage time with multitasking For Automation Tester, it is very much essential to know about the automation tools. Thus the skill sets should be slightly different than the manual tester. Selenium Have good understanding of STLC phases Have good understanding of Java Good Knowledge in TestNG, Selenium Web Driver Understanding analysis test planning test case preparation […]

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Add Two Numbers without using Addition Operator

Most Probable Interview Question: Add two numbers without using Addition Operator by both normal and Recursion method.  The condition given here is, we should not use Addition Operator.  Let us think about other ways now as we are restricted not to use + operator. Logic is, Bitwise operator can be used for solving this problem.  First, we can take two integers variable x and y assume – They are x=5 and y=4 check the below logic while y=0 then print x take one another variable like z z=x&y  ,  x=x^y  ,  y=z<<1 We can change the x and y value in binary format likewise 5=101 and 4=100 , execution is &                              ^                   y=<<1 x  = 101                      101              z<<1 y  = 100                     100             100<<1 ———                     ——         ———– z = 100                 x=  001           y=1000 &                              ^                     y= <<1 x  = 001                      0101           y= z<<1 y  =1000                     1000          0000<<1 ———                     ——            ———– z =0000                 x= 1001         y=00000 Now ,y=0 then we will print x now x=1001 corresponding decimal value is 9 Program for Normal method : public class Eg1 { public static void main(String[] args){ int x=5,y=4,z; while(y!=0){ z=x&y; x=x^y; y=z<<1; } System.out.println(x); } } Program for Recursion Method : public class Eg { int add(int x, int y) { if (y == 0) return x; else return add( x ^ y, (x & y) << 1); } public static void main(String[] args) { Eg e = new Eg(); System.out.println(e.add(5, 7)); } }        

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Learn Java Typecast through simple programs

Hi friend, This blog will help to better understanding of typecasting of datatypes in Java. PROGRAM: public class TypeCasting { public static void main(String[] args) { int a = 140; byte b =(byte) a; System.out.println(b); } } OUTPUT : -116 EXPLANATION: This type of type casting will have loss of data. Lets see how 140 changes into -116 by simple binary calculation. 140 decimal value convert into binary number of 16 bits integer – 16 bits value of 140 is 0000000010001100 byte – 8 bits value of 140 is 10001100 [1] 000110 – first digit represent the sign of number 1 – negative value 0 – positive value so as per above reference,we will get negative number. make the binary the 2’s complement 111001 000001 ————— 111010 ————– by adding 0 on the last digits – 1110100 convert 1000111 binary into decimal, 116 Now combine the sign and number will be result of -116

Finatel Technologies Interview Programs with Answers

Hi, This is Muthuvel. Recently, I attended Finatel Technologies Interview. Here, I am posting one of the Finatel Technologies Interview Programs with Answers. Please have a look. The program asked in Finatel is, I am given with two arrays of integers. Both the arrays are not sorted. I am requested to merge both the arrays in sorted order. One condition given is – I should not use any in built methods to sort the arrays. I tried a lot to get the output and here is my outcome. Kindly go through and let me eagerly wait for your feedback. Finatel Technologies Interview Programs with Answers public class FinatelMergeTwoArrays { public static void main(String[] args) { int[]a = {9,7,3,5,1};  // First Array, not sorted int[]b = {2,4,6,8,11,10}; // Second Array, not sorted  int[]c = new int[a.length+b.length];  // Third Array to be created  int count = 0;int v=1;  // check ‘v’ is initialized here for(int i = 0; i<a.length; i++) { c[i] = a[i];  // Adding array a’s contents to c array count++; } for(int j = 0;j<b.length;j++) { c[count++] = b[j];  // Adding array b’s contents to c array } for(int i = 0;i<c.length;i++){ for(int k=0;k<c.length;k++){ if(c[k]==v){  // verifying the value to print is ‘v’ or not.   System.out.print(c[k] + ” “);   } } v++; } } Output:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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