Are you looking for Mainframe Training in Chennai? Are you familiar with the Mainframe terms COBOL,CICS,IMS,JCL,DB2,VSAM etc. These may be new for you. It is good for you to have some idea about these topics before you get into Mainframe training. Getting training theoretically will not help much. You should know where it is applied as well. So let us see the overview of CICS here.

Mainframe Training in Chennai - CICS

Mainframe Training in Chennai – CICS

CICS is Customer Information Control System. CICS is basically Online Transaction Processing middle-ware. It means, data is processed then and there. Have you ever thought, how ATMs, online ticketing systems work? Our bank account is debited as soon as we withdraw money. Total number available tickets are updated as soon as we book a ticket online. CICS supports such operations. CICS provides user interactive (using screens) online processing. It also provides background processing.

Most of the companies in banking, ATM, Ticketing, insurance and defense sectors use CICS. Many government bodies use CICS for online processing. How this might have given some idea about CICS.