My days with the .NET Training started. The institute provided me colourful pamphlets and syllabus. The receptionist in the institute told me I could get the job very quickly. I felt very happy. Every night I will see the syllabus and feel proud. My only dream was to become a .NET professional. One day, I told my friend, the next time When I go to home, I will go as a .NET Professional. Hearing my words, he smirked at me. I did not understand the meaning of his smile.

Everyday, I went to the training punctually. In the initial classes, the trainer started telling me about Objects. He explained me clearly that an Object is a real time entity. But I could not understand why he says that. I did not know how correlate a real time entity with a programming language training. I was very calm during the initial days of the training.

In later days, I slowly started feeling bad about the training. The concepts whatever explained was easy understandable. But I could not understand why they were taught. I even did not know what is the use of a Class. Whatever the program being taught there, were easily could be written in C. But I learnt C# .NET. I did not know the significance of .NET. Only in the later period, I came to know another truth. Yes, the trainer is also searching jobs in MNCs. He told me about the interviews he attended. I wondered how he was not selected in any of the companies. At last, I realised that he is also not fit enough to get a job.

If he is also not fit, How can I? My last scope also had gone. Now I understood why my friend smirked at me at first. I lost my scope of getting a .NET job. With the help of another friend, I joined in a German based company as a Network Administrator. One day, I went to the training institute and told the news to my trainer. Immediately he asked me my mail id. He said that he will send his resume for reference. I was astonished to hear. The guy who taught me professional (Job Oriented) course asked about Job updates. I felt very bad about the training institute. I told this story to my room mates. They all laughed on hearing this. Then I forgot about the trainings. My whole career was changed. I started working as a system administrator. The days were gone. Now I am turning back those days but still with the fear on Programming languages.