It is quite common to search for the best Java / .NET training institute in Chennai for freshers. As software industry gives lure some salary, everybody (irrespective of their fields) want to be in the industry. In that, as the general assumption, everyone wants to learn programming.

To be a software developer, there are two general major ways. One is Java and the other is .NET. That is the reason, people are searching for Java / .NET training institutes in Chennai. (As the government focuses only on Chennai, no other major cities have software companies). Otherwise people could have searched training centers in their own cities.

When you focus on getting trained in a programming language in an institute, you should be very cautious enough to choose the best among them. Getting trained in a programming language and getting trained in real language – Both are same.

You can learn alphabets, numbers and grammar of a language. But, unless you know how to use them appropriately, there is no use. The same is applicable for a programming language too. For example, if you learn java, you can learn – What is OOPs, What is variable, what is class and OOPs concepts? Unless you know how to program with those, there is of no use.

When you select a Java / .NET training institute in Chennai, you should ask them some basic questions. A few of them are

* Will they give syllabus?

More or less, all the training institutes provide that.

* Will they train you to do mini projects?

This is the important point. When you learn car driving, you know where gear is, where clutch is and where the accelerator is. Is that sufficient for driving? Not at all. The trainer should train you how to handle real situations. Because it deals with the lives of yours and others. In the same manner, if you join any Java / .NET training institute, learning the basics will not help you much. Instead, you should ask for mini project. That mini project should contain all the Oops concepts which you learn. In simple terms, you should know how to apply what you have learn from them.

* What should be your role?

Try to apply in real time, whatever the concepts you learn.

Ask more and more questions during the trainings. In a programming language like Java, if you get struck in one place, it is quite difficult to come out of that. To avoid these, make use of the lab sessions properly. Ask the training institutes to provide more lab sessions.

These are some simple facts which should be focused when we get trained from training institutes. You may have some more questions / feedback. As usual, post them as comments.