Why do we need software training institutes?

In this fast paced internet world, where you can get all the information you need, on the internet, any one really need to go to a software training institute to learn? We have PDFs, e-learning websites, Free online forums , Power Point presentations on internet that can give you deep insight of any software course you need. Still why people prefer to go to an institute to learn any technology?For Jobs? Of course Job is one of the factors because many training institutes advertise like “Best training with 100% placements in Chennai”, “Training with 100% placements job assurance” etc. But people know that most of them are fake and they have heard stories of their friends who have joined institutes that gave placement assurance at the time of joining and gave no job after completing the course. All know that the goal of those institutes is only money.

Software Training institutes in Chennai

Software Training

Still why they go for institutes? Students cannot concentrate while they are on internet and laptop at home, they need conventional classrooms for learning? This may be true for only few percentages of people but not for all. To understand the student’s tendency towards training institute, we need to go back to Human History. At the beginning of ages, human beings spent lot of time in observing and understanding the nature. Someone was looking at the soil and understood the substances in the soil and passed this information to next generation. This information was in the mind of Man for so many years and someone from later generation found the metal particles in the soil and passed this information to his next generation. Using this information, someone was able to extract the metal from soil. One of the descendants of that generation was able to mix the metals and form alloys through which industry revolutions happened and this society has grown. Same is the case with agriculture, man observed the seed becoming a plant and learnt how to use the seeds and was able to get the grains for his food by seeding. It evolved into agriculture in later years. This is how knowledge and information of people passed to next generation through teaching and that helped the growth and nourishment of society.

Teaching has always moved this society forward, which is their in the bottom of the minds of human beings. That is why people need someone to explain concepts and make them understand though we have all materials handy. But how a teaching should be? I remember my first day of school. I resisted to go to school and I was dragged by my parents on the road to school. I was crying in the school, my First standard teacher had smiled at me, taught me how to make paper ships. She made me comfortable in the school. From next day, school has become a happy place for me. Though she did not teach me much of the subjects in the curriculum, she inspired me. Yes, duty of a best trainer or teacher is to inspire. This will create interest in the subject what the trainer teaches. A trainer in a software training institute does not only need to inspire but also should posses a real time experience and in depth knowledge in the subjects. Training institutes with such kind of Trainers are always preferred by students. Because the aim of teaching is to share the knowledge back to the society from where you have learnt everything. Cheers!

“I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession – John Wooden”