We provide real time .NET Training in Chennai. We usually encourage our trainees to ask more and more questions. My only advice before the class is “It is not college. Whatever you learn from our .NET training, those will be helpful for your entire career. Hence, unless you are satisfied, don’t leave the trainer. Throw more questions – that in turn, will throw more light in your life. It is not only trainers’ duty to make the training real time; It is the trainees duty too.’ One fine day, one of our trainees in .NET class raised this question. Yes, she asked “Why do we call that as .NET?”. I was sitting in the last bench, doing some tasks in the internet.

I was astonished to hear her question. I never thought of that and heard too. She started telling that Java has some significance in naming. She knows why Selenium is called as Selenium. But, she needs the answer for this. Why it is named as .NET?

Microsoft started .NET framework in the late 1990s. Originally, it was named as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). The reason for naming ‘.NET’ is not clear. Microsoft never disclosed the reason behind that.

However, we can predict some simple reasons for naming NGWS as .NET.

1) The later versions of Visual Studio have direct interaction with Internet. Those versions are much useful to develop web (network) applications.

2) In those times, when Sun Microsystem’s theme was “The network is the computer”. To have a synonymous name, Microsoft might have selected .NET.

3) Some websites claim that .NET stands for Network Enabled Technology. That is the reason, why it is return in capital letters.

These are all just ‘Could be’ reasons. Still, no official reason behind naming .NET is found. Could anybody help to find out the answer for our trainee’s question?