This could be the story of most of us who came to Chennai for finding a job in IT industry. When I first came to Chennai, I have searched for the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai. All I know was NIIT, CSC and nothing else. Though I am a Computer Science guy, I did not know anything much. There were two things annoying me. Firstly, I did n’t have programming skill. Second one, which really tortures me was everybody advised me to learn any Programming language to get a job easily.

I started searching for the best (and of course, cheap) Java training institute or .NET training institute in Chennai. (Thank god – No institute provided Android training in those days). I have split the week in such a way – Monday, Tuesdays – Training Institutes in Tambaram area, Wednesday, Thursdays – training centers in Anna Nagar area and Friday, Saturdays – institutes in Velachery side.

I have a plenty of pamphlets in my room provided by various institutes. At last, one of my roommates advised to learn both .NET and Java. I (and himself too) did not even know if we get trained in one, we can learn the other by ourselves.

I found his idea good one. Again I started my searching like Vikramadhitya. This time my searching is different. I went to each and every training center. I asked for discounts or free course. I will pay for either Java or .NET training and they should teach me the remaining one. But nobody was ready to accept my request.

At last I joined in a training institute which is widespread all over Tamil Nadu. My course is .NET. My friend suggested me to take .NET training instead of Java. He told me .NET is easier than Java. I believed his words and joined. The course duration was two months. I attended the initial classes with full of enthusiasm. Did they provide me placements? Had I got placed as .NET Programmer? Have I enriched my programming skills there?

… To be continued