Are you looking for Software Training Institutes in Chennai with 100% placement? There are some Software Training Institutes advertise themselves as such.

100 % Placement

Is 100 % Job Guarantee possible?

I have come across some advertisement pamphlets, placards and in the internet. You may wonder ‘Are there somebody to advertise like this?’ But the answer is always yes. If you have doubt, I will provide you some Google search terms which would be helpful to you to come to a conclusion.

Some are:

• Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement
• .NET training with placement in Chennai
• Java training institutes in Chennai with placement
• IBM mainframe training with job guarantee
• CCNA course with placement in Chennai
• Network training institutes in Chennai with 100% placement

How Institutes achieve 100 % Placements Where even Anna University & IITs fails?

If we talk about placements, first off, we should discuss about the Educational Qualifications of the trainees. Some Trainees would be B.E., B.Tech Graduates, some trainees would be Diploma Holders, some will come with their Qualifications in Arts and Science. How the Training Institutes streamline all these quys into a single way to achieve 100 % placements.

If they reveal the magic to major Educational Institutions like Anna University and IITs, they can achieve the same. I don’t think Placements are finalized based on the Institutes where we are studying. Of course, there are high possibilities to bring major companies to top educational organizations. But, how Placements are finalized based on Software Training Institutes? The Top MNCs don’t even know these so called ‘the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai’? If they know also, will they take all the students in without interviewing them? Is it feasible? I don’t think so. (Your comments are most welcome here. If I am wrong, I will correct myself :)).

Some facts :
Before finalizing the possibilities for 100 per cent Placement through Training Institutes, we shall discuss some important points here.

  • Will the Companies recruit the trainees without Interviews just because they are trained in the best software training institutes?
  • If 100 % Placement is possible in an Institute, No other can run Training Institute in Chennai.
  • If placement is possible for the trainees, the low paid Trainers should be the first persons to fly off from the training institute.
  • The Institutes should reveal to the students how they are achieving 100 per cent placements. They should make themselves clear by displaying some MoUs with the IT organizations.
  • When No major universities or Educational Institutions like IIT, Anna University can’t offer 100 Per cent placement, how these Training Institutes are achieving that?

Be aware of these facts. Otherwise you could be one of the hundreds of victims to get trapped in advertisements tagged with “Training with 100 % Placements”. If you see that next time, ask them

Can you please show me the Placed Students List with their Photos and Facebook IDs? Shall I call them?


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