When we started providing Software Testing Training in Chennai, some of friends raised the below myths and tried to find the Truth for those.

Myth #1: Software testing training will make you to find all the bugs
Truth: No tester can find all the bugs irrespective of his / her experience. Tester can attempt to find many bugs or defects as much as possible. Finding all the bugs is impossible. And Training on software testing can make a person, good in understanding the testing processes but will not make to find all the bugs.

Myth #2: Software testing is a boring job and the same applies to training too.
Truth: Software Testing needs creativity, Attention and a thirst for quality. Accordingly Testing Training should also be given in such a way. As there will not be much lab sessions for Software Manual Testing training, the interaction between the trainer and the trainees will play a vital role to make the training session as not boring one.

Myth #3: Any one can attend Software Testing training
Truth: Software Testing is an arduous discipline and it requires many skills. Some of the skills are Imagination, Alertness in what the testers are doing, Interest to learn the domain, taking quick decisions, etc.

Myth #4: Automation Testing will eliminate Software Manual Testing and hence Manual Testing Training is not needed.
Truth: Nowhere 100 per cent Automation is possible. For a good Software Tester, knowledge about the product is important. Anyone can become Automation Tester but only a good tester who is expertise in the domain can find valuable bugs.

Myth #5: Software Testing Training is easy
Truth: When we start measuring ‘easy’ or ‘tough’, it is entirely depends on the perception of the individual. For somebody it is easy to learn Java than Oracle, for a few it is easy to learn Testing than Java. It all depends the interests and capabilities. There are many Software Developers who find testing a very difficult job. Though many testing scenarios can be covered in straight forward, simple test cases, Production issues will generally come from difficult or rare edge scenarios. Therefore, a software tester should have the capability to think beyond the scope of the requirements given in Test plans.