The goal of the technical institutes changes by time. In the early 1970s, the term ‘technical institute’ refers to Type writing institutes. Now the term refers to Software training institutes. Some refer them as ‘training institutes’ whereas some still keep them as ‘training centers’. (MS Word and Google correct me if I am typing ‘centre’ (In British English) which was taught to me in the schools).

In Chennai?
When we look for good, better or best software training institutes or centers, first we should not limit the title to Chennai, because we should not restrict ourselves to only one city in finding out the best. Hence we start discussing about the topic in general irrespective of the location asked for.

Which is the best?
All the advertisements of the software training institutes present that they are the best. When an institute says they are the best, it could be possible to be one of the good institutes. So, let us not spend our time in finding out good software training institutes. We will consider every institute as good one. Now the competition is between the better and the best. Good Training, Affordable fees and the location – These are the three factors that make a training institute better or the best. Let us talk about the three factors in reverse order.

In Chennai – Where?
First Location – In Chennai, it is good to look for the training institutes, where the transportation facilities are feasible. (You might have terrible traffic experiences in Chennai). Thus it is good to have the training institutes in locations where Bus and Train – both are feasible. Such areas are Egmore, Tambaram and Velachery. Among these locations, we can consider Velachery as better option. Reasons – IT Companies nearby Velachery, Less crowded metro trains, frequent buses. This is the reason many good software training institutes in Chennai started looking for a place in Velachery.
Then the fees – Almost every training institute charges more or less the same amount! But the needed thing is as a trainee, you should enquire each and every institute before finalizing your institute. If you are lazy in enquiring, no worries – you will lose a few thousands more from your packet! Nothing else!!

Training and Trainers:
The final point is Good Training – Though we discuss at last, this is the very important factor to discuss. Most of the training institutes will have full time trainers. Though these trainers have good experience in training, 99 % of them won’t have real time experience. When we look for training for our career, it is always advisable to select a training which focuses on Real time training. Hence, we should ask about the trainers when we enquire the training institutes. We should ask them whether the trainer has real time experience in the subject he /she is training, do they have MNC Professionals as trainers.

Ask for Demo Classes – It’s your right
The most important point is, ask for a few free demo classes. Please do attend those classes and then decide the best software training institute in chennai. No the Advertisements or Google Reviews show you the best training institute! The best person to finalize the best is nobody else but you! Go, enquire about the trainer, fees, ask for few free demo training sessions, assess the institute and then decide! This is the right way!