Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

Last week, I met some fresh graduates who hate programming a lot. They want to be in Software Testing arena. As we provide training in Software Testing (both Manual and Automation) in Chennai, they inquired me about the scopes of those. Their question is quite straight forward! “Software Testing Training – Manual or Automation – Which one should I choose to grow?” I could observe the trend that Fresh graduates are willing to get trained in Manual Testing; Experienced Software Testers prefer Automation testing training. The reason is quite easy to understand.

Manual Testing Or Automation Testing Training

Whoever have fear in programming search for better opportunities? For them, Software Manual testing is an oasis. They learn Software Testing which includes STLC, Software Testing Methodologies, Bug Life Cycle, etc. Once they get trained in Software Testing, they feel better. This increases their confidence to get a job. They search for jobs. They get placements.

Once they get settled in manual testing, they want to grow more. For growing more, it is important to learn Automation. As QTP is not Open source and costly one, they opt for Selenium. Moreover, QTP supports only Windows Environment. On the other hand, Selenium is open source, free and supports multiple environments! Job Opportunities are also more! Do you want to know the reason for this? Even a small company can do automation testing with Selenium.

This is the reason many are willing to get Selenium training. Now, let’s discuss about the title. Is it good to learn Automation testing first without learning manual testing? Never! Without learning the basics, one cannot be a good tester! To be a good tester, it is necessary to have testing skills rather than automation skills! Once anybody is ready with manual testing skills, we can train them in Automation. Automation is nothing but reducing the manual efforts for testing! To learn that, first we should know how to test manually! Then we can learn Automation Testing effectively! The viceversa will not help here!