In our Resume Preparation – Skills series, this is part 2.  In this post, we are going to discuss about various skills set needed for Java, J2EE and Android skills. Iet me iterate the same thing which I stressed in the previous post.

Very important note here is, you should know your skill set prior to preparing the resume.  In some areas, you may be in expert level, for some skills, you may have good experience where as for some skills, you will just have knowledge or good exposure.

Hence, in the below skills – It is up to the individual to decide – Experience / Knowledge / Exposure.  

Java Skills:

  • Good practice of Exception handling
  • Able to use the Collections API
  • Good knowledge about Multithreading
  • Good knowledge of OOPS concepts
  • Good Knowledge in SQL queries and practices in MYSQL
  • Good Knowledge in Database connection using JDBC


  • Strong knowledge in OOPs concepts
  • Basic understanding of UI Design using HTML and CSS
  • Practices in deployments and configuration of application in web servers.
  • Development of web application using JSP and Servlet.
  • Sound knowledge of modern software architecture and development techniques.
  • Good knowledge in session management


  • Deep understanding of the internals of Android Frameworks.
  • Good knowledge in OOPS concepts and JAVA
  • Detailed knowledge of Android APIs, including animation and building custom views.
  • Knowledge with Android SDK development.
  • Knowledge in building mobile applications that utilizes web services (SOAP / REST / JSON / XML).
  • Practical knowledge with third-party libraries and APIs integration.
  • Good knowledge of database (MySQL, SQLlite)
  • Some Idea about hybrid framework like ionic
  • Design, build and maintain an Android app compatible with multiple versions of Android and device types.
    Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle