This is part 3 in our Resume Preparation – Skills series.  Here, we are going to discuss about the skill sets needed for AngularJS and IoT.  For viewers, who haven’t gone through the previous two part, it is essential to understand the below note carefully.

Very important note here is, you should know your skill set prior to preparing the resume.  In some areas, you may be in expert level, for some skills, you may have good experience where as for some skills, you will just have knowledge or good exposure.

Hence, in the below skills – It is up to the individual to decide – Experience / Knowledge / Exposure.  


  • Knowledge in web-services Creation and Consumption,oops concept,DBMS
  • Good Knowledge in UI Components
  • Good knowledge in front-end technologies JQuery, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript, and OO Java Script.
  • Troubleshoot code level problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Knowledge in java backaned technologies.
  • Web services integrating the app with REST and JSON services
  • Solid foundation of Javascript frameworks
  • Cooperating with the back-end developer in the process of building the restful API.
  • Good programming in Typescript


  • Practices in risk analysis
  • Knowledge on Database technologies.
  • Good Understanding in Java/Python/Node.js.
  • Cloud-based development using AWS/Azure or other container/PaaS environments.
  • Knowledge of IoT Standards and Protocols such as Network Protocols
  • Practices in Embedded Device Programming, Device Protocols.
  • Exposure to Sensor Analytics.
  • Exposure to Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • Exposure to analytics and reporting dashboards (mobile and web).