AthenaHealth Fresher Interview Questions with answers – Part – II

This blog briefly explains about AthenaHealth Fresher Interview Questions with answers –

Part – II . Some of the questions are :

1. Question on Percentage Calculation

 There are four children A,B,C,D has chocolates A gives as many as to B he has twice to C thrice to D and D gives 1/8% to B and A gives 20% to C 10% to B. finally each one has 35 chocolates. Find the how many chocolates have at starting?


    Finally   A  , B , C  and D  will have 35 chocolates each.

       Before giving 10 % to C and 20 % to B , A   will have 70 % of the chocolates. 

            =>        A   will have  35 * 100 / 70  = 50 chocolates.

        New ratio :    A   :   B :  C  :   D  =  50 :  25 : 30 :  35 

     Before D giving 1 / 8 th chocolates  D will have   35 * 8 / 7   =  40 chocolates .

        =>   B will get   25 – ( 40 / 8 ) =  20 chocolates from D 

   Again the ratio :   A  :   B   :  C :   D   =    50   : 20 :  30   : 40 

    =>   Initially they all will have   A   :    B  :  C    :   D   =     110   :   10   :   10   :   10  chocolates 


2. Find number of people

N people were in a party and were seated in a circular manner. If each of the two present in the party, except the pairs that were adjacent, sang a song and If a song lasted for 2 minutes and 28 minutes were taken for singing the songs, find N.

ANSWER :                           N=7

You can start with the N=4 and continue by increasing the N by 1. Keep checking how many minutes it will take for the condition to be satisfied.
For N=4 , time to sing songs (T) = 4
N=5, T=10
N=6, T=18
N=7, T=28
N=8, T=40


3. Escalator Question

A man visits a shopping mall almost every day and he walks up an up-going escalator that connects the ground and the first floor. If he walks up the escalator step by step it takes him 16 steps to reach the first floor. One day he doubles his stride length (walks up climbing two steps at a time) and it takes him 12 steps to reach the first floor? 


If there are  x steps in between the ground floor and the first floor , then we get

( 16 x ) steps to be reached by him. Simultaneously he will get 12 ( x + 1)  steps in other case. 

     Then ,         16 x   =  12  ( x + 1 ) 

                16 x – 12 x  =  12           =>   x  =  3 

                   Hence there are at most 48 steps in an escalator               


 4.  Logical Questions :

Let’s play a game of Russian roulette. You are tied to your chair and can’t get up. Here’s a gun. Here’s the barrel of the gun, six chambers, all empty. Now watch me as I put a single bullet in the gun. I close the barrel and spin it. I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. Click. Lucky you! Now I’m going to pull the trigger one more time. Which would you prefer, that I spin the barrel first, or that I just pull the trigger


   Since there are six chambers and the number  of bullets is two .The probability of getting shot will be 2 / 6 which is  one third of acute death.

   So it is preferred not to spin the barrel first so that just pull the trigger . In short we request the trigger is pulled without a re- spin.


5.There were 3 rooms. Each room has only one door. One of the three rooms has cheese. A rat was there and it needs to find the correct room that contains cheese. If rat went into a room and if couldn’t find cheese and once it comes out of the room the rat forgets about that. How many times the rat must enter the rooms to find which room contains cheese?


   Minimum number of doors to be entered will be two .  If the rat makes any clue with the previous door, it will surely get into the cheese door at the second.


6. There is one island where planes get fuel. A plan can cover the half of the world with full tank. A plane can transfer fuel from one plane to the other in the air. How many planes are required to make one plane cover the entire world once? Starting point of the travel is the island and coming back to the same Island. All the other planes giving fuels to this Plane should also come back to the same island and they don’t have to cover the entire world.

  SOLUTION :   The minimum is three. 

Start three planes from the island (yours and two others). After going 1/8 around, one plane refuels both yours and the other plane with 1/4 of a tank each, leaving it with 1/4 of a tank which is precisely enough to take it home. 

Two planes continue with a full tank again. 

Reaching 1/4 around the other plane transfers 1/4 tank of fuel to yours, leaving it with 1/2 tank, to take it precisely home again. 

Your plane is now full at 1/4 and can go to 3/4 with that fuel. 

The first returning plane refuels and start off the other way meeting your plane at its 3/4 position, where your plane is empty and the meeting one is half empty. Sharing their fuel they have both 1/4 tank left which can take them to the 7/8 position. 

The remaining plane has arrived there in the meanwhile with 3/4 tank giving 1/4 to the other now empty planes. 

All three planes have now 1/4 and can return home.