ASAHI Technologies Fresher Interview Questions –  Part  – I

This blog explains briefly about ASAHI Technologies Fresher Interview Questions –  Part  – I , both technical and aptitude questions and are :


     Round – 1 ( APTITUDE )

    Around  30 questions  in 45 minutes . Questions mostly from logical reasoning .

  Aptitude Topics : 

  1. Odd man out 
  2.  Number series 
  3. Find missing number
  4. Pictorial representation 
  5. Time and work 
  6. Time and distance
  7. Ages



 In this round questions will be asked based on the Basic program (swap a number without temporary variable , factorial , Fibonacci ).

Oops concepts with examples.

Round – 3 ( TECHNICAL HR )

  In this round they will test our attitude and stress level.  Mostly 4-5 situation based questions are asked. For an example ;

Statements: No women teacher can play. Some women teachers are athletes.


  1. Male athletes can play.    2. Some athletes can play.

A.Only conclusion I follows

B.Only conclusion II follows

C.Either I or II follows

D.Neither I nor II follows

E.Both I and II follow


              From the statement it is clear that no  women teacher can play. Hence

  1. Only conclusion I follows.


Question : Priya had 4 children.2 of them have blue eyes other’s have brown eyes. Half of them are girls.

Option 1.Two children have blue eyes.

              2.Two boy children.

              3.Two boy children have blue eyes and two girl children have brown eyes.

Answer : Two boy children


Round – 4  ( HR ROUND ) 

  In this round , there will be again a face to face interview with the HR. The questions are based on resume questions are meant to be asked. 

Hence in this blog we had discussed about the interview rounds and the topics to be known . We had  clearly  explained about the topics and the questions in the next blog .