Welcome To Payilagam

Payilagam stands the best Software Training Institute in Chennai today. Here you can read the story of Payilagam. Yes, it is About Us.
We are a team of young blood. Some of our Payilagam team mates are Childhood friends, few college mates and few other as Colleagues in Professional life and ended as friends. One common thing about the Payilagam team is we have more than Six Years of experience in the Software field.

When we came out of our college campus, the entire world was new to us. Though we were alumni of various leading government and private engineering colleges,

we experienced difficult situations. The road to reach this position had lot of hurdles. Each of us realized that there is a huge gap between the 10+2+4 education system and the Jobs field. During our initial days of job hunt, we found many software training centers with fake promises of placement and career.Some of our friends believed those fake promises, joined there with dreams and hopes but all went in vain. None of the claims of these institutes were true, are true or neither will be. These so called “Best Software Training Institutes” captivate the students not for the welfare of the students but for their own profit margins. These taught us strong lesson not to believe these software training institutes in Chennai. All these experience initiated us for starting a software training institute in Chennai and in turn saw the seed ‘Payilagam’. We don’t endorse ‘Payilagam’ as the best, We don’t endorse ‘Payilagam’ as No 1 institute in Chennai, But we endorse ‘Payilagam’ with its moral.We started Payilagam Software Training Institute with the moral vision to nurture professionals of high academic caliber and perfect character, nurture with a strong motivation and commitment to serve humanity. We aim at training our trainees to become not only skilled professionals but also excellent human beings to influence the quality of life of people around.There were no one to guide us when we were about to start our career, But Payilagam is there for you.

About Us – Who are Payilagam


Payilagam, the Best Software Training Institute in Chennai, is committed to provide high quality software training with ethical values through effective learning, dedicated teaching and development of skills.


Payilagam is a professional, community spirited, progressive Software Training Institute in Chennai. Payilagam focuses on encouraging individuals to become well-qualified professionals. Thus, our trainees meet and exceed the expectations of the industry. We are committed to help individuals to reach their goals and aspirations.

Quality Policy

Payilagam is wholeheartedly committed to provide the best software training in Chennai pertaining to the Industry needs with the aim of creating highly talented Software Professionals. The quality of our software training is determined by how well our trainers become a Jew to win a Jew. We will strive for consistent accomplishments and continual improvements in all we train.

Quality Objectives

Trainee Focus

Trainee Focus is the main agenda of our training institute. This focus will be refined sharper and deeper for providing high understanding, practical experience and exposure of the software training provided to make the trainees as qualified professionals and field experts.


To be the best Software Training Institute, it is necessary to provide highly technical stuff with adequate practical sessions. We will provide the trainees, an unlimited access to the resources (Hardware and Software) related to their respective fields of interests. The Management will allow the trainees to use the resources until they get good skills whenever they are available.


Our aim at Payilagam is to get highly qualified trainers who are ready to share what they have learnt from their education, professional experience and their own field of interests etc. We believe our trainers understand the real difficulties of the trainees in getting training for different software courses and help them to get out of those. Our extensive search and interview process for the software trainers make this possible. Every trainer must be knowledgeable, well experienced, good in training, ready to motivate the trainees. At Payilagam, the quality of training is the responsibility of the trainers.

Realistic Approach

Information what we collect from all corners of our software training institute including Management, Trainers and Trainees are the basis for taking any decision. We assure each and every decision is taken with proper reasons, timely meetings and discussions.

Continuous Improvement

We have trust in the areas of improvement that will exist at any given time in our Payilagam Software training institute. To find out those areas of improvement by assessing feedback from the trainees, internal factors and proper Audits, each step is documented to achieve continuous improvement.

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Our Strength

IT Professionals As Trainers


Real Time Training


Guaranteed Individual Focus


More Emphasis on Practicals


Excellent Placement Assistance


Our Trainees Placed in