Why should I learn Java ? –  A brief review 

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Why should I choose to be a Java developer?

Being a mature programming language, there are numerous resources available online that can act as your perfect companion in the learning process. Depending upon your need, you can look for free and paid learning resource to aid yourself. In short, almost any imaginable doubt related to Java has already been asked and answered on the online forums.

Almost all devices over the globeruns on the JAVAplatform and it is the most popular programming language ever. 

Even if the popularity of the Java language comes down, new languages are being developed on the Java platform. 

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Each and every organization is upgrading new technologies, products and as well as services in this platform. So, it is better to learn new technologies and if I already know java then I cankeep upgrade myself with the industry.

Here is another new technology ANDROID DEVELOPMENT. It is one of the most fast growing technology in IT industry.Employers are being hired as Android developers much faster and more in numbers than any other professionals in mobile technology.

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Why would you choose java programming language over others?

My reasons for preferring Java over other programming languages

  • Price – it’s open source
  • Performance – must faster and reports errors automatically
  • Supports OOPs
  • very good, well-thought out exception handling; C++ exceptions are the opposite!
  • Portability – it runs on almost everything
  • Tool availability – awesome IDEs like Eclipse &NetBeans and web servers like Tomcat
  • Flexibility – does graphics, desktop GUIs, web user interfaces – all kinds of things in runtime environments.

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