Hi, in this post we are going to discuss Wandisco Fresher Interview Questions with Answers. These questions were asked in the second round on manual and automation testing along with java.

Wandisco Fresher Interview Questions with Answers:

1.What is manual testing?

In this Software Testing Testers physically execute test cases without any automation tools.It is the most primitive of all testing types and helps find bugs in the software system.

Tools for Manual Testing:
=>Quality Center(ALM)

The testing techniques that are performed manually are as follows:typesofmanualtesting

2. What is automation testing?

Using an automation tool to execute your test case suite is automation testing.Test Automation demands considerable investments of money and resources.The goal of Automation is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not to eliminate Manual Testing altogether.

Tools for Automation Testing:
=>QMetry Automation Studio

The testing techniques in automation testing are as follows:
at types

3. What is the difference between manual and automation testing?

=>Manual testing requires human intervention in order to carry out the test cases. Whereas, automation testing requires tools in order to execute the test cases.
=>Manual testing requires skilled labor and is a time-consuming task whereas, automation testing saves cost, time and manpower.
=>The other differences are as follows:vs

4. What are the benefits of automation testing?

The key benefits to automated testing include:
=>Efficient tests saves time and money.
=>70% faster than the manual testing
=>Ensure Consistency and Reliability
=>Better speed in executing tests
=>Re-usable test scripts
=>Test Frequently and thoroughly

5. Explain oops concept.

Object Oriented Programming popularly known as OOP, is used in a modern programming language like Java. It works on the principle that objects are the vital part of your program. It allows users create the objects that they want and then create methods to handle those objects. Manipulating these objects to get results is the goal of Object Oriented Programming.

Advantages of OOPS:
=>Easy to understand and a clear modular structure for programs.
=>Reusability of objects in other programs, saving significant development cost.
=>It also enhances program modularity because every object exists independently.

The basic principles of oops are given below:




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