Techaffinity Fresher Interview Questions – Part – I

Here in this blog we are discussing about Techaffinity Fresher Interview Questions – Part – I. Some of them are :

Logical l Analytical Reasoning Directions (1-5):

Study the following information carefully and answer the question given   below.

 A, B, C, D, E, F and G are students of a class, Each of them has a different   favorite   subjects, viz, History, Mathematics, Geography, Civics, English, Sanskrit and Marathi but not necessarily in the same order. There are two such students whose one brother each is there in the group. There is no other relationship among the students. No girl likes Mathematics or Sanskrit D, while does not like Civics and English, is the sister of that student who likes Marathi. The student who likes Civics is the brother of that girl students who likes History. F is a girl student B is brother of A.

 1.Which  of the following is a pair of Brother-Sister other than A and B?

 (A) D and G         (B) D and C        (C) G and F         (D) Data Inadequate 

 2. Which of the following is true?

(A) D likes History                        (B) C, B and D are girl students

(C) F & E are boy students         (D) None of these.

3.Who likes Sanskrit?

(A) Only C         (B) Only E             (C) Only B          (D) Either C or E

4. How many boys are there in the group?

(A) 2       (B) 3          (C) 4          (d) Data inadequate

5. Which of the following combination of student subject is true?

(A) D-mathematics (B) F- English (C) A-Sanskrit (D) B-Geography


             From the given paragraph , we can analyze the following relationships

     A  –     Girl   –    Geography

     B  –     Boy    –   Mathematics

     C  –     Boy –      Marathi

     D  –    Girl –       History

     E  –     Boy –      Sanskrit

     F  –     Girl  –      English

     G  –    Boy –      Civics

                         Where A and B both are siblings .

                                        A , D , F are girls and    B , C , E and G are boys .


1 .  a) D and G is a pair of brother and sister other than A and B. 

2 .  a) D likes History 

3.  d)  Either C or E likes Sanskrit .

4.  c) There are 4 boys in the group.

5.  b) F likes English is true .


Answer questions 6 to 9 based on the following information:

Seven students P, Q, R, S, T, U and V take a series of tests. :

                   1.No two students get similar marks.

                   2. V always scores more than P.

                   3.P always scores more than Q.

                   4.Each time either R scores the highest and T gets the least, or alternatively S                           scores the highest and U or Q scores the least.

         Among the statements which of the following can be true?

                              (A) V is ranked first or fourth

                              (B) R is ranked second or third

                              (C) P is ranked second or fifth

                              (D) U is ranked third or fourth


From the given paragraph , we conclude  with two cases :

 CASE 1 :                                                                  CASE  2 :

               V   –  first                                                                  R   –    first  

              P   –  second                                                              S   –    second

              Q  –  third                                                                  T   –    third

              U  –  fourth                                                               V   –    fourth

             R  –  fifth                                                                    P  –    fifth

             S  –   sixth                                                                   Q   –    sixth

            T  –  seventh                                                               U  –    seventh


       Thus in both the cases i) V is ranked first or fourth is true .