A few days back, I got a call from a guy from Guindy, Chennai. He enquired about providing Selenium Training in Chennai for Websites with Flash applications. Here I just share my views on that. Thanks to that guy. (Otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to know about this.) He told me that they have already tried with QTP and it did not help them much to automate flash applications. As our trainers provide Training on Selenium, I immediately contacted them for getting clarified. Now, it’s their turn to reply back for the question.

Will Selenium support Automation Testing for Flash applications? If yes, we can provide include that as curriculum in our Selenium Training in Chennai. Yet I don’t know the answer. Probably, our trainers will come with the solution. Selenium uses Document Object Model (DOM) of a web browser. DOM is nothing but getting the HTML element exactly in tree structure. That is my understanding. Selenium experts may differ in this. In Flash applications, we could not get the DOM element values. That’s the reason people think that Selenium is not optimal for Flash applications.

I started searching the web world for that. I got some replies as Sikuli which has a Java API will support Flash Applications automation testing. But some said if the whole web application is full of Flash, then Sekuli will not help much. Somebody suggests Adobe genie for this. Still I am searching. But still, I can find some pages for Flash – Selenium support. I can see ‘The flash-selenium project’ which aims to achieve Flash communication capabilities using Selenium RC.

Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training for Flash Application

JavaScript is used in Selenium RC. This is used for communicating with the browser. Flash-Selenium is a Selenium RC client extension. This uses JavaScript as the channel between Selenium RC and Flash Application.