Hi, we will discuss about various Software Testing Interview Scenario based questions here with.  In every software testing interview, the candidates will be requested to write test cases.  Usually, organizations will ask us write scenarios for which we know the functionality already. Eg.  Write test cases for pen, Please share test cases for a chair, etc.  The below are similar kind of questions but should be handled with some better understanding of Software Testing.

Software Testing Interview Scenario Based Questions:

  • In ATM Machine, you have to verify if incorrect PIN entered at the third time shows you “Account Locked” message.  The only condition is you have to test only the third time scenario alone (not first and second).  What will be the best approach to test this scenario?
  • You have antivirus software installed.  This software expires in two days where your office is leave for next three days.  How do you test this?
  • There is a lift which stops only in 1st, 3rd and 5th Floors. In the lift entrance of 3rd floor, one person is waiting to go to 5th floor.  He presses ‘IN’ switch.  At the same time, another person is pressing ‘IN’ switch in 5th floor to move to 1st floor.  At this time, lift is moving from 1st floor.  Please write possible test cases for this scenario.
  • In an application form, there are 3 Mandatory fields (Name, Mobile No and Mail ID) and 3 Optional fields.  How many possible test cases can be derived for this scenario?
  • A Training institute has website which shows courses and their syllabuses.  The owner of the institute decides to include Online Quiz in the syllabus for the courses.  He needs a Quiz popup to be shown.  Questions will be shown with multiple choices.  User has to choose the answer and finally marks will be shown.  What are all the various ways if one user wants to attend this online quiz test?  Please add scenarios.