Why should I learn .NET in your training center in Chennai?” This is the straight question I faced this morning. I was bit confused to come to a conclusion on the stress in the question. I asked the girl, who raised this – “Is the stress on .NET learning or learning in our .NET training institute?”. She gave a smile. “Could you explain me both?” She further asked.

CLR - .NET Training

Common Language Runtime

Then I started explaining about .NET. I asked her, ‘Do you know what happens when Java code is compiled?”. She said, it is converted into byte code. Yes, similarly, .NET code is compiled to Intermediate Language (IL). When the application is executed, it is then compiled into native executable code. This is where Common Language Runtime (CLR) comes into picture. CLR manages the native executable code by providing services like Memory Management and Exception Handling.

I told her, the compilation is much faster in ASP .NET. How? Only for the first time, the pages are compiled in .NET. Successive requests use this compiled output to yield the results in much faster way. Apart from this, like Java, .NET. These are some basic advantages of .NET (dot net). Suddenly the girl interrupted. “Ok Sir, this is enough for me on .NET. Why should I select your training institute? Could you narrate that? But not too much, please”.

Why should I select your training institute?

“That’s fantastic. We don’t have any full time trainers. All our trainers have more than six years of experience in the industry. Not only that, they like providing training. I won’t say they know every nuke and corner in technologies like .NET. But, they know how to bring your programming skills out. They explain you the concepts very well. This, in turn, will make you a complete programmer”. I stopped here and told her “I like your questions. Go to some other training institutes also in Chennai. Throw the same questions to them. Find out the answers. Then decide where to join your dot net course”. I hope she will return to us one day and say “I found the best .NET trainers!!”.