Lets analyze the IT Job Trends in 2017. Couple of months before Forbes published the top 5 trending programming languages. The list mentions as follows.

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • PHP

IT Trends in 2017

Though the list details are true, we cannot conclude that this is the finalized list. This list is completely based on the job opportunities available in US. Hence, we could not firmly say that, the same trend is set to India as well.  The number of openings for Python is still up to the level of Java, .NET and PHP in our country.  You could get and compare the number of Job Openings in any of the leading Job Portals.

Top Most Language:

Though the Python emerges as one of the leading languages due to its role in Data Science, it is not the primary language in terms of Job Opportunities. Java prevails as the leading language for years. The reasons are quite simple. Java is used in Android Development, Web Development and normal Installed Application Developments.  PHP, with its new frameworks still leads the Web Development Market.  .NET, as it is from Microsoft, it has its own stable customer base.

Which Language to choose:

Many will have this confusion. Though they hear about Java and .NET, they will still look for other options. Few years before, Visual Basic and IBM Mainframes were leading programming choices for many youngsters. But today, it is almost no opportunities for new techies to enter into those languages. VB and Mainframes both are from leading corporates Microsoft and IBM respectively. But, that did not help for Job opportunities.

Language or Tool:

Somebody are still looking for learning tools than languages. Tools like Selenium is still their choice. Whatever it is, either Language or Tool – It is always good, not to go on corporate’s path. Yes, believing corporates and their languages will not be a better choice. It is like believing Hotels for quality food than food. Though the food looks good, we cannot rely on those always. Similarly, though the languages and tools from Corporates look good, believing them may lead us to incorrect path.

Open Source Languages:

Open Source Languages like Java, Python, Ruby and Tools like Selenium are primarily developed by Communities and not by Corporates. These communities are working world wide, round the clock. Thus, they will meet almost all the technical challenges on time through their tireless efforts. Hence, it is always good to go with any Open Source language or Tool. Kindly go through the top 5 languages listed above and 4 out of 5 languages are Open Source. This itself shows the power of Open Source languages.

To match your profile with the current IT Trends in 2017, selecting Open Source language would be the only best choice!