Android Training in Chennai

Payilagam provides the best Android Training in Chennai. Android is a Mobile Operating System which is developed based on Linux Kernel. Currently, Android is developed by Google. It is not necessary to mention that Android is the most widely used Mobile Operating System. Almost every Smart Phone user has Android mobile nowadays. That is the open secret of how Android Training becomes one of the hottest courses for Job Seekers. It is not about Fresher or experienced Professional, if any one wants to make his / her career in Mobile Application Development through Android, We are ready to train them. We know that Java Basics are essential for Android Training. That’s the reason, we included that our Android training syllabus already. Once you enter into Android Training in Payilagam, it is our responsibility to make your Android App Developer. Get Android training from one of the best Android Training Institutes in Chennai and Be a great App Developer!

Android Training in Chennai – Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Introducing the CORE Java
  • Introduction to JAVA
  • JDK & JVM in detail
  • Introduction to classes and Objects

Chapter 2: OOPS Concepts in Java
  • Inheritance in detail
  • Abstract Class in detail
  • Access Specifier and Method Creation in details

Chapter 3: Interface and Packages
  • Exception handling
  • Packages & interfaces
  • Collections – List, Array List, Hash Map

Chapter 4: Multithreading in Java
  • Multi threading ( Thread class & Runnable Interface )

Chapter 5: Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • Setting up development environment
  • Android Project Architecture.

Chapter 6: Activity and Lifecycle
  • Activity Lifecycle in Details
  • Android SDK in detail

Chapter 7: Android Manifest and Layout
  • Android Manifest in details
  • Res Folder in details
  • Importance of
  • First sample application

Chapter 8: Basic UI design
  • Forms widget Text Fields layout
    • RelativeLayout ,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout
    • Nested layouts
    • [dip,dp,sip,sp]versus px
  • Examples

Chapter 9: Intents
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit intents
  • Examples

Chapter 10: Communication B/W Activities
  • Sharing Data between activities
  • Examples

Chapter 11: Storage Option in Android
  • Shared Preferences in details with Example
  • Sqlite Introduction
  • Content Providers and its usage in detail

Chapter 12: Sqlite in Android
  • Sqlite Usage in android
  • Example

Chapter 13: Menu
  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Sub Menu
  • Examples

Chapter 14: Alert Dialogs in Android
  • Popup in Android
  • Toast and SnackBar in details

Chapter 15: Styles & Themes
  • xml
  • xml – declaring colors and drawables
  • Drawable  resource for Shapes, gradients ( Selectors )
    • Shapes drawables
    • State drawables
    • Transition drawables
    • 9 Patch drawables
  • Style attribute in layout file
  • Applying themes via code and manifest file
  • Examples

Chapter 16: Adapters and Widgtes
  • ArrayAdapters
  • BaseAdapters
  • Example

Chapter 17: List view in Android
  • Simple Listview usage
  • Example

Chapter 18: Custom List view in Android
  • Customization of view
  • Usage Of Array Adapter in Listview in Detail
  • Example App to Understand the flow

Chapter 19: Json Introduction
  • Json and its Usages

Chapter 20: Network Libraries in Android
  • Web Api Introduction
  • HTTP Methods

Chapter 21: Volley Libraries
  • Library Integration in details
  • Real time example with WEB API Integration

Chapter 22: Volley Libraries
  • Library Integration in details
  • Real time example with WEB API Integration

Chapter 23: Fragments
  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Fragment LifeCycle in details

Chapter 24: Fragments Transcations
  • Fragment Transaction in details
  • Backstask details in Fragment
  • Example

Chapter 25: Map API
  • Map API Introduction
  • Usage of Latitude and Longitude
  • Example

Chapter 26: Android Design Support Library
  • Tabs and Widgets
  • Navigation View
  • Material Design Concepts

Chapter 27: Android N Overview
  • Assignments from Students

Our Other Services

Payilagam is committed to make you complete Professional. We offer many value added services to groom you as a top notch IT professional. We provide more than just a software course!

Mock Interview

service-tab-imgPayilagam understands how important placement is for you. We give you an opportunity to practice your interview and receive the feedback from experts. Our Mock interviews are simulation of actual interviews. We help you to prepare yourself for the actual interview. Technical and HR Mock Interviews are conducted in Payilagam by Professionals who are part of Interview Panels in their Organizations. Our mock interviews allow you to gain experience and practice answering questions similar to the ones asked during the interview.

Aptitude Session

service-tab-imgAptitude test is the proven technique used by many organizations to find the real talents. Aptitude test is the first round on interviews, used by many organizations to filter the candidates. Aptitude tests are used to assess the logical reasoning and thinking performance of the candidates. At Payilagam, we form groups to practice aptitude tests and we teach you the easy and efficient ways to solve problems.

Group Discussion

service-tab-imgGroup Discussion is used to evaluate candidate’s communication skills, interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team. It is also used as a method to filter candidates when there is large number of candidates turned out to the interview than the expected. Payilagam knows crucial role of communication skills in getting job. So, we conduct regular group discussions and provide tips to conquer in group discussions.

Resume Preperation

service-tab-imgResume is more than data. It is trailer that communicates the employer why you are the best candidate. A good resume will ace your chance of getting the job you need. Being in industry for several years, we know how to make your resume the best. We help you to craft personalized, highly professional resumes and fine tune your resume. We assist you to prepare a resume that attracts employers.

Expert Session

service-tab-imgJust a technical or computer course will not make you a complete Professional. A Software Professional should be abreast of what is happening in the industry. We take an extra mile and bring Specialists, Techies and arrange Expert Sessions for our trainees. Yes, we deliver more than you expect from us!

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  • IT Professionals as Trainers
  • Excellent Placement Assistance
  • Free Demo Class
  • Individual focus
  • Exceptional Lab facility

What Trainees’ Say

  • Zubair on Android Training

    Hi...this is Zubair Hussain.I did Android and core java in Payilagam my learning experience was good.My trainer name is Siva.He thought me core Java and Android in a very easy learning manner.I got placed in TELE-APPS.My kind thanks to Payilagam Mani sir and my trainer siva sir..This INSTITUTE gave me nice experience about real time Projects..Iam very thankful to PAYILAGAM.............

  • Rithvik on Android Training

    Hi, I am Rithvik. I am in 7th standard, and I love to program. I came to Chennai for summer vacation wanting to learn android. I have 2 years of good java experience, and I came to Payligam for 1-on-1 training. I completed the Android course. My trainer was Siva Sir. Since I did 1-on-1 training, the program felt very interactive and personalized. I felt free to ask any question I wanted, overall strengthening my android knowledge. Siva Sir was happy to answer any questions and show me how to solve the tasks. He also gave real-life examples. This program was very interactive and efficient. It was a great experience and I am waiting to try this again with other languages. Payilagam's android course took me from zero-to-hero in Android, and I have no doubt it will do the same to you. Thanks.

  • Amutha on Android Training

    Hi, This is amutha. I have completed my B.Tech(IT) in sengunthar College of Engg in tiruchengode. I did Android course in payilagam software training institute. My trainer name is Mr.Prabu and My trainer very good trained to our team. He was trained very interactive and gave realtime examples.I attended weekend communication class was very useful. He gave guidelines how to communicate during the interview. Manikandan sir arranged extra classes for us. Payilagam is helps to improve our knowledge

  • Lokkesh on Android Training

    Hi, I'm Lokkesh I completed my BCA Degree on 2014.I did Android Development Course.Prithive Raj is my Trainer.My training section will always be very interactive and he teach me in very understand able in all queries.The course which I studied was very use full for my career to find a better job.Payilagam Institution is very good place to Learn more technical terms the management peoples are also interact with us very friendly and they will also arranging good job for all students.

  • Hari Prakash on Android Training

    I'm Hariprakash,BTech IT graduate of 2015 passed out.I got selected in Zcodia Technologies,I've studied Android application course in Payilagam, Prabhu is my trainer,His classes were really interactive and realtime,It helped me a lot to understand the Android platform very well,In addition, Weekend classes like OOPS,datastructures and all additional classes were very useful,For me,This Institute will guide you with care once you come here, My career has started by the help of Payilagam

  • Kiran Kumar on Android Training

    I'm Kirankumar, IT graduate of 2015 passed out,I got selected in Zcodia Technologies,I have studied Android course in Payilagam, Prabhu is my trainer,His classes were really interactive and realtime,My Director,Manigandan encouraged me a lot.In addition, Weekend classes like OOPS,datastructures and networks classes were very useful,I have improved my Technical and interpersonal skills a lot after started studying here, Payilagam is a best place to start your career.

  • Sankar Raman on Android Training

    Hi I am Shankar I have completed my B.TECH(IT) in svce in 2013.I did not get a job for about a year after completing my college so was looking for institution to take up course to get trained in the specific domain. I did a course on Android.My trainer’s name is Prithvi. He is an android developer which 3+years of experience in a reputed company.Yes the training session conducted to me was completely Realtime and interactive one. My trainer used to give me some practices work for me which really helped me a lot.Yes, I started developing few android applications after taking up the course.The real time examples and scenarios have really been useful to me.Joining in Payilagam has really been beneficial to me as I am more confident now in developing an android application.I would recommend payilagam to everyone who is looking to a take a course to find a job.

  • Vignesh on Android Training

    Hi Iam vignesh. Iam doing android course in payilagam institute.My trainer name is Mr.Prabu ,he teach very well and its very easy to understand the concept.He also in explain with many real time scenario and also more interactive with their student.Aptitude and mock interview was conducted ,its very useful for my interview. Mr.Manikandan and Mr.Muthu mentors encouraged me for job interview.Thanks to payilagam.

  • Sridhar Subramaniam on Android Training

    Hi. This is Sridhar , got placed in Hi Mate as a Android Developer i have took a android course at Payilagam 1 month before , my trainer name is Mr.Prabhu , he teach the way you want to learn , You can learn the core and concept behind the technology here ,not the definition alone . if you want to learn the True Technology , you can come here and get placed . exactly 1 month before i was reading all the reviews just like you . About placements don't worry they will take you from knowing nothing to everything that you needed to clear the Interview if you lag in communication you can get a special class for that and a special thanks to Mr.Prabhu (My Trainer) and Mr.ManiKandan (Director of Payilagam)

  • Nandhini on Android Training

    Hi,I'm Nandhini,B.E in electronics Stream. I pursued my Android course in Payilagam.And I got selected in PROV INTERNATIONAL pvt Limited. My trainer was Mr.Nasrudeen,he is techincal strong and friendly.He would helped me how to think logically. The classes were interactive as well as practical,which encouraged me to learn alot with realtime examples.I had weekly tests and mock interviews it helps me to improve my self-confident and skills.Mr.Manikandan and Mr.Muthu the mentors of payilagam motivated and encourages a lot.Apart from my course they arrange us a interactive classes about other technologies and made me aware(Testing and Algorithm).these class were more useful to gain knownledge in software . Payilagam is awesome place to learn and shine in software fields. All the faculties were well experienced and patient in teaching.i strongly recommended payilagam which helps to learn and shine.

  • Ganesh on Android Training

    I am Ganesh, B.E Mechanical Engineering (2014). I didn’t have much knowledge about software, as I am from a different field and all that I had was Interest. Then I came to Payilagam Software Training Institute to learn about latest software and I did my Android Application Development Course there. I got placed in GR Infotech, Chrompet. My trainer Mr.Nasrudeen moulded me to the core. He taught me how to think logically. He is a master in JAVA Looping concepts. His way of teaching was awesome and He taught me from A to Z in JAVA and Android. It was because of him that I got placed in a reputed Company. Also, Mr.Manikandan and Mr.Muthu the mentors of the Institute motivated me a lot. They arranged me free weekend interactive classes and made me aware of certain concepts like Algorithms, Manual Software Testing & Search Engine Optimization which was useful for me to gain more knowledge about programing and software technologies. Payilagam is a beautiful place to learn and gain knowledge about software with Job assurance and satisfaction. Each one has a unique skill which can be improved and spend usefully. Thank you all