Interview is the important phase in Recruitment process. Interviewees will be asked with the questions related to the Job description during the initial phase of the interview. Once they are identified as fit for the prescribed jobs, companies will test the attitude of the candidates through various questions. Let us discuss those Top 7 Interview questions and answers here. There may be some direct questions. It is always good to avoid direct answers for the straightforward questions in the interviews. Open answers for the Interview questions may create complex situations. To avoid such traps, provide the answers which is very relevant to the questions but not open.

1.How many years will you be with us?

For the questions starting with ‘How many’, it is not necessary to tell the number as answer always. There are some situations where we should avoid telling the number. This is one such. You will get trapped if you utter any number here. If you say, “Definitely I will be with the organization for 5 years minimum”, they will be waiting to ask the next question – “Why only 5 years”. This will create an embarrassing situation for you.

What could be the best answer for this? Always truth is the best. We all know – Truth alone triumphs! Truth – What do I mean here? You can observe that even from Google and Yahoo people are coming and joining in other companies. What is the primary reason? Is it the perks they are provided with? No, not at all. It is the working environment, culture and the Job Nature which comfort the employees to stay with the companies. When one thinks that any of the above said is not suit for him / her, he / she will start looking for other chances. It is not mere money alone.

I think, now you got the answer. Yes! “I will be with the organization until it provides good working environment for me” will be one of the best answers for this. Good working environment includes Job Nature, Respect to the employees and the culture of the organization.

– To be continued