Our candidates from Payilagam attended ThinkPalm Technologies Fresher Interview yesterday. In ThinkPalm Technologies, at first they test the technical and logical thinking ability of the candidates. For that, they conduct both Technical Written for 1 Hour and Normal Aptitude test for 20 minutes. There will be 50 Technical Aptitude questions and 20 Logical Aptitude Questions. The questions are not much tough.

One notable point here is, technical questions are taken from all corners of IT. Some questions are from C language, few are from DBMS, a few questions from Software Testing. Thus, only candidates from IT or CSE background can clear the first round easily.

ThinkPalm Technologies Fresher Interview Questions

1) Abbreviation of ACID (from DBMS)
2) Difference between Constant and Variable (Programming)
3) Which software model doesn’t allow changes. (Software Testing)
4) What is Black Box TestingĀ (Software Testing)
5) What is DML
6) Find the output for below program
void add()
int a=5, b=-7, c=0, d;
d= ++a && ++b || ++c;
7) 10 years ago b is twice of a. Now, ratio of a and b is 3:4.what is the total value of a and b?
8) The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero?

Please note, though the questions are not much tougher ones, they mentioned that for every incorrect answer – there will be 0.25 negative mark applied.