This is the primary question – in Software Testing – What I should focus? for everybody who enters into Software Testing.  Here with, I have mentioned some of the major things which should be given enough importance while testing software.

Files Related Testing:

If we test downloading a File, We should test

  • Special Characters in File Name allowed or not allowed
  • Have enough space for downloading a file or not.
  • File Name already exists or not.

Date Related Testing:

  • Leap Year Days and Non Leap Year Days
  • Daylight Saving Time.
  • If we use two different systems, time difference between those machines.

Number Related Testing:

  • Negative numbers permitted or not.
  • Decimal values allowed or not.
  • Commas and Dots are properly placed or not.

Word Related Testing:

  • Empty space is allowed or not.
  • Leading Space / Trailing space allowed or not.

Web Application Testing:

  • Update any form in the web page and refresh the page. Verify updated information is present or not.
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