Will you guide me Live Projects along with Software Testing Training? Are there software available to learn Software Testing through involving ourselves in testing those projects? These are very common questions among Beginners of Software Testing. I faced such questions during our software testing training in Chennai to the fresh graduates.

Main Hurdle:
The main hurdle in providing Live Projects to the software testing trainees is
* The Functionalities of the Live Projects might be very new to the beginners and without knowing the functionalities, Testing is merely impossible.
* BRS Document, which is considered as the bible of Testers – will not be available openly for the Live Projects.

Solution to the Main Hurdle:
Unknown Functionalities
We should get the Live Projects for which, beginners can at least imagine the basic functionalities though they are not good in that. If we have any well known existing projects similar to the Live projects to be tested, We can guide / start Testing those. The Testers can compare the functionalities of the existing project with the new project to be tested. It is kind of Testing an unknown project with the help of a known project. Through this approach, Testers can test and find out more bugs. Some times, they even can raise Feature Requests as they are aware of two projects (known and unknown) now.

No BRS Document
For most of the Live projects which are available for free, we could not expect proper documentation. As No BRS document is available, again a well structured, completed project is needed for comparing the to be tested project.

Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects:

There are many Free Projects available which need QA or Testers attention to test. Let us discuss about some of those here with to enrich your software testing skills.

1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an Office suite developed by The Document Foundation. It is a Free Software and can be downloaded from their official site https://www.libreoffice.org/ . You may wonder about the functionalities of this software. No worries! It exactly (or even more) has the same functionalities of Microsoft Office. So, it is very easy to involve ourselves in Testing. If you know MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access – you can test LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Base and Impress. You can download this software for free in your Mac, Windows and Linux Machines and start testing!

Find and File Bugs:
You can raise your bugs in LibreOffice in the QA Board for LibreOffice. Register yourself and raise bugs here https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ . Initially, your bugs will have ‘Unassigned’ status. Once the QA team realises your bug as valid, they will change that to ‘NEW’ status. You will get notifications on the changes done on your bug.

2. Firefox

As most of us know, Mozilla is an organization which supports Open Web. We have number of projects for testing practice in Mozilla. The Firefox OS Simulator best well known project for testing is their browser Firefox.Recently, Mozilla Foundation released Firefox Mobile OS, which is again a Free Software. So, if you know – what are the expectations from a Mobile OS (through your experience with Android or iOS), you could definitely contribute to this OS. You may raise your eye brows now – ‘Fine, I could test Mobile OS. But, for that I am in need of a FireFox Mobile, Right?’ Excellent question – But, the answer is no. No? Yes, there is simulator available to test this Software.


You could get that from their development site https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Firefox_OS_Simulator . And again, if you find bugs there, you can raise the bugs here – https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

Do you still need more live projects for testing? Let us continue that in the next part.
– To Be Continued