Are you looking for Software Testing Course with Placement Assurance in Chennai? Go to any Software Testing Training Institute which offers Placement Assurance. Ask them the previous placement records with all Contact information. Then you will realize the truth! No software testing training institute can provide you such details. Reason is simple and sharp – No software training institute can you provide you placement.

In a talent pooling IT industry, Placements can be possible only by the abilities and skills what you have, and not by the Institute where are you are trained. If placements are possible through training institutes, the very first persons to get placements would be the cheap labored Trainers there! These ‘placement assurance’ advertisements are only meant to attract you – nothing else!

When well-known colleges accredited with University, could not provide you placement assurances, how can we say these institutes can?

Ok. Your question is now then – How can one find the best Software testing Training Course in Chennai?

At first, the training course should focus on real time world. That means the curriculum of the course should exactly match with the need of the industry. Then, it should be trained by the trainers who really work and not mere train in the domain. The most important thing is the trainees should assess the training. To achieve this, trainees should be allowed to attend free of cost at least a few demo classes.

In short,

* Ask for Free Demo classes (Two classes least)
• Inquire about Real time Software Testing Training
• Find out the institutes where Training by Working Professionals
• Last, but not least – No attractive, false advertisements (like Placement Assurance)