In this post, we are going to discuss about Selenium Interview Questions and Answers with Examples in detail. I am going to write this series which will be well suitable for Freshers as well as experienced candidates. Please post me whatever Selenium Interview Questions with or without Answers and with / without examples. Let us try to consolidate everything under one roof here.

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers with Examples – 1

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a Web Application Automation tool. It is an Open Source Tool. ThoughtWorks team developed Selenium in the year 2004. Selenium has four variants Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium Web Driver and Selenium Grid.

What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is a Record and Play Tool. This is an addon used with Mozilla Firefox Browser. Selenium IDE can be downloaded from here –,

What are all the drawbacks of Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is a record and play tool. This can only be used with Mozilla Firefox browser. Selenium IDE is not useful for real time projects as it has no. of disadvantages like – Supports only Firefox, Cannot hide the important data like Passwords, etc.

Can we handle CAPTCHA using Selenium IDE?

Yes, We can handle CAPTCHA through Selenium IDE. But, for handling CAPTCHA manual interruption is needed in the selenese commands. storeEval is the selenese command used for handling CAPTCHA images through IDE.

Please provide the commands for handlin CAPTCHA using Selenium IDE

I have taken for handling CAPTCHA.


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