Last week, our candidates appeared for Fresher PHP Developer positions in Novalnet e-Solutions Interview in Chennai. Here with, we share Novalnet E-Solution Interview Questions.

Novalnet E-Solution conducted three rounds of interviews. First round is Written Test. They provided 25 PHP Multiple Choice Questions. These questions check if the candidates have good basic knowledge about PHP. Along with these questions, 15 Aptitude questions were also given. All 15 questions were Non verbal questions.

After this, 3 basic programs were asked to write. They are simple interview programs. One such set of 3 programs are
1) Find if the given year is leap year or not.
2) Find if the given number is Prime or Not.
3) Pattern Program

Novalnet mainly focuses on logical thinking of the candidates appeared for interview.  Programs asked are in such a way that, they test the basic programming skills of the interviewee.

After clearing this, second round is Technical HR Round. They asked from both Technical as well as HR Questions. Final round is HR Round. They explained about Novalnet e-Solutions work culture, Salary, Work time etc. Based on our trainees experience, they felt the Interview rounds conducted were good.