Logical Reasoning – Aptitude Interview Questions with Answers 

This blog explains about Logical Reasoning – Aptitude Interview Questions with Answers and is given below :

A. Introducing a girl, a boy said, “She is the daughter of the mother of the daughter of my aunt.” How is the girl related to the boy?

i) Cousin

ii) Niece

iii) Daughter

iv) Aunt

Explanation: Break the given sentence at is.
                           Resolving from the last,
Daughter of my aunt – cousin
Mother of my cousin – aunt
Daughter of my aunt – cousin.
So, answer is cousin.

B.1 A family consists of 6 members P, Q , R, X, Y, Z.
    2. Q is the son of R but R is not mother of Q.
    3. P and R are married couple.
    4. Y is the brother of R, X is the daughter of P.
    5. Z is the brother of P.


1. Who is the brother in law of R?
2. How many female members are there in the family?
3. How is Q related to X?
4. How is Y related to P?

Z(Wife’s brother) – P(Wife) = R(Husband) – Y (Husband’s brother)
                                       Q(Son) – X(Daughter)

Explanation :
i) P and R are married
ii) P is the mother of Q
iii) Q is the son of R and R is the father
iv) Q and X are siblings

1. Brother in law means wife’s brother i.e. Z
2. Two female members are there with ‘-‘ symbols i.e. P and X.
3. Q is brother of X.
4. Y is husband’s brother to P. i.e. brother in law.

C. Ashwini is Kiran’s sister. komal is Kiran’s mother. Dipen is komal’s father. Esha is Dipen’s mother. Then, how is Ashwini related to Dipen?

i) Grandfather

ii) Grandmother

iii) Daughter

iv) Granddaughter

Explanation :
Esha (Great grandmother)
Dipen(Grand Father)
Ashwini – Kiran (Siblings)

Ashwini is the sister of Kiran.
Ashwini is the daughter of Komal.
Also, Dipen is the father of Komal.
Ashwini is the granddaughter of Dipen.

So, Answer is Granddaughter.

D.Pick the odd one out

a. 4

b. 16

c. 36

d. 8
Answer : d) 8
All the others are square of some numbers except 8

E.Pick the odd one out.
a) 2 : 4

b) 5 : 25

c) 10 : 100

d) 3 : 9

e) 6 : 60

Answer : e) 6 : 60
All are numbers and their squares but 6 and 60 are number and its multiple of 6

F. Joe is walking towards North for 15 miles, turns left and walks another 10 miles. He then turns right and walks 10 miles. Now, he again turns right and walks 30 miles. Which direction is he from Starting point?

a) South-East

b) North-East

c) North-West

d) South-West

Answer : North – East

G.Joe went 35 meters towards east from Mary’s house. He turns left and walks 15 meters. Now, he takes a left turn and walks 80 meters. Finally, he turns left and walks for 15 meters. How far Joe is from Mary’s house?

a) 30

b) 45

c) 50

d) 65

Answer : 45

H. If SNOW is coded as 7100, then WALL will be coded as

a. 5000

b. 4700

c. 4800

d. 4000

Answer: 4800

Here, Total of all the individual letters’ numeric position is done and just to add some more complexity 00 is appended at the end.

S=19, N=14, O=15 and W=23. So 19+14+15+23= 7100.