On daily basis, we meet number of candidates. Most of them are Job seekers. They will come for enquiry. Most of them will show willingness to learn programming languages. Their primary question to us is – “Which one is better – Java, .NET or Python Training”. Which language has more Job opportunities in Chennai? Though answer for this is quite simple, we will find out the logical reasons for that.

Prior to this discussion, Do we really have differences between these programming languages? Dont we have differences? Yes, These languages are differences in their syntax itself. Apart from these syntax, their primary usage may also differ.


Java is well suitable for Web Application and Android App Development. As Java is platform independent, it is widely used. There are too many predictions about upcoming Java versions as well. In Java 8, they introduced Lambda Expressions. It was extended in Java 9. There are very high expectations on Java 10. Please note, Java 10 or JDE 1.10 is not yet released.


The era of Microsoft is almost over. Apart from their dominance in Desktop side, Windows is in loosing side everywhere. Linux overtakes Windows in Server side. Android replaces Windows Mobile OS. All these are true. But, these statistics are not applicable for .NET. Microsoft made .NET Core as Free Software (Open Source). This is considered as a giant step from Microsoft. C# is still a predominant competitor to Java. There are number of organizations using C# .NET and ASP.NET. Thus, .NET is also in competition.


Python is reaching its peak nowadays. Almost every young programmer wants to learn Python. Final Year students’ first choice is Python. Why everybody is leaned towards Python? Simplicity. Yes, Python is syntactically too easy to learn. Technical jargaons of Java, C# may irritate a new comer. Python welcomes them pleasantly. Simplicity of Python leads its usage on Data Science side. As this era is era of Data Scientists, Python has its strong hold there.

Which is need of hour?

Yes, we havent discussed about deciding which is need of hour. All three languages are Object oriented. Hence, focusing on Object Oriented Programming is highly recommended than choosing your language. Programming Language is just a tool to express your ideas to hardware. Knowing OOP concepts – Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction and so on will enrich one’s life. But, those alone will not make anybody – a good programmer. Then, what will make one to be a good programmer? By the way, Is our discussion restricted to Java, .NET or Python Training in “Chennai” alone? Let us continue this discussion.