Java in Tamil – Part 1 – Why Object Oriented Programming ? 

This blog explains about Java in Tamil – Part 1 – Why Object Oriented Programming ? It is explained clearly well below : 


What do you mean by Object Oriented Programming ? 

Why did I choose Object Oriented Programming in Java ? 

           First of all , we should know that why we are learning this concept . Moreover those we study without our knowledge and can’t understand well it is true that it will be the first one that will be forgotten earlier and easier . 

Again , Why should I learn Object Oriented Programming ? 

           There are many Object Oriented Programming like in Java , C , C++ , Python , etc .

  Is this wide  enough ? Or should I learn still more things about Object Oriented Programming ? 

 That’s why I had chosen  Java for Object Oriented Programming . Before that  Why did I choose Object Oriented Programming in Java ? 

 There are still procedure oriented programming like C , C++ , Java , Python , etc . 

    So in order to shift my idea from Procedure Oriented Programming into Object Oriented Programming , I need a stable reason . Let’s see how is this possible . 

      Everybody knew that C is a strong Procedure Oriented Programming . In C we already have  solutions for each and every problem we perform in . Despite that we need additional thing to overcome the status . We need  little bit clarity about it .

      This made us to leap over Object Oriented Programming from Procedure Oriented Programming . Let us discuss about this  clearly with an illustration below : 

    Imagine there is a pre school and some children of classes L.K.G and U.K.G were studying . The teacher announces the parents that the School will be an holiday on  Monday . Also the teacher informs the parents that don’t forget this announcement . Try to remember this on the day . 

 Let us consider this situation and discuss what and all procedure did the teacher do for the announcement : 

 i) Waiting for the parents 

ii ) Updating the parents 

iii ) Welcoming them on their departure . 

      So in this scenario there exists a procedure which occurs in a sequential order . This sequential order can’t be altered for the procedure . Thus we can’t alter the sequential order which is already implemented . Moreover this procedure oriented programming will be useful in C .

        Let us imagine another scenario for the very same school event . What happens if the teacher erects a notice board ? 

It will  definitely inform the parents that the school will be closed on Monday . Say , it will be also an solution for the same situation . Absolutely , the second solution will be more efficient than the previous one . 

           We know that everybody follows the easiest way to find the solution . Although the first solution is useful but we prefer to choose the second method . Here the first solution acts as the Procedure Oriented Programming and the second one acts as the Object Oriented Programming .  

            In Object Oriented Programming , the notice board  signifies itself as an Object . An Object is nothing but ” the combination of state and behavior and it is bound and useful ” 

           In the first scenario , the procedure gives the result and in the second one the notice board plays the vital role and gave the result .  In the first case , the change in the procedure changes the result . Also the interference in the sequential order deviates the result

         But in the second case , neither the sequential order nor the object change the result . So it can happen in any sequential order . It focuses only whether the idea reaches the viewer . Also we can update the sequential order in the second case . 

           So creating the change in the first case is more viable and cautious to get the proper result . Finally , the Procedure Oriented Programming and  Object Oriented Programming gives the same result . But coming to the changes  in  the programming in Procedure Oriented Programming implementing the changes is very hard and it is easier in Object Oriented Programming . 

           How to implement changes in Object Oriented Programming ? 

 There are still more topics to know about  , say ” Modular ” , Reusabe ” . We can discuss about it vibrantly in the upcoming concepts .