An insight into the IT world

In this blog we are going to discuss about An insight into the IT world . Let us see how is this possible . 


If you are a fresher, who has just graduated from college and aspires to join in any one of the IT giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys or Cognizant, then you might wish to have a clear insight about the way these big companies function.

If so, then go through this article till the end to get to know about the different aspects of IT world.

When someone says they work as a developer or a tester in a tech company, you may picture them sitting inside a tiny cubicle, its walls adorned with sticky notes and silly doodles, and aggressively scrolling down the poor mouse while their eyes remain glued to the bright screen in front of them.

And those massive, glassy buildings you have seen while you travelled through the city and the groomed, fashionably dressed neighbor from your house might have added extra details to the picture you have painted inside your head.

So now the final picture, with the little information you are aware of: IT- a glamorous lifestyle.

The real picture, though, is completely different.

IT is anything but a lavishing lifestyle. It is a tough place.

It’s competitive, fast-moving, and adapts itself quickly to the constant changes in this ever-evolving technological world.

So, if you are planning to step into this field, you should be willing to learn unceasingly, update yourself with latest technologies, and be one step ahead of time.

Moreover, since the IT market is spread around all over the world, you will be insisted on moving into the places other than your hometown, where the projects that are suitable to your skill set demand you.

And then, after you get into the project, there come near-the-deadline days where everything becomes too stressful and simply overwhelming.

You will be asked to stay back or work on weekends so that the project can be delivered on time to the clients, but without any compensation.

This can become rather disappointing to those who work for merit.

All of the above-mentioned downsides might make you dubious.

You may even start to have second thoughts about joining this glorious corporate realm.

But, before you make the decision, you might want to know this: IT is one of the best places to start your career.

Yes, you read it right. Everything in the world has its own upside and downside. And IT has its own upside, too, which is being an affluent field.

IT is where you can earn a decent amount in the first month itself (usually a fresher gets underpaid in almost every other field).

The pay is always impressive here, so there will no worries about financial instability in the future. Moreover, if you get adjusted to the sometimes-difficult work environment soon enough, you will be reaching the peak of your career in no time.

This field also sends its employees to travel around the world for work purpose, and it can be viewed as a golden opportunity for those who label themselves as travel/cultural enthusiasts.

So, for resilient people, IT is always a good option.
Now that we have seen both the sides of IT and have gotten a clear view of the way it works, you must be going through a mini battle inside your head.

Should I or should I not choose IT?

Will I be able to handle stressful days?

Am I okay with living outside my city?

All these questions can be answered based on a single idea; passion.

So ask yourself if you have the passion for coding and technology.

And if you are, then all these negative aspects are nothing when compared to your devoted love for what you do.

~ Usha Velladurai