I am a Mainframe trainer in one of the best Mainframe Training institutes in Chennai. This is not the story of my teaching experience. This story is all about my entry into world of mainframe. Yes this is about my experiences in Mainframe Training as Mainframe trainee.

When I joined in an Engineering college, I thought “would I get a job after my Engineering”? Will there be placements in my college? Will I get placed in any company? I thought “If I get a job for Rs.10000 salary per month, I would be happy”. First 3 years of my college life went like a roller coaster. During the culmination of final year, they started arranging off-campus interviews through the placement cell in my college. I did not clear my first two campus interviews. I was very upset. I decided that I should not miss the next opportunity. I worked really hard. The third company (IT Company) was a growing company. It was based out of Bangalore. It has a branch in Chennai. I got through the third campus placement interview after many rounds of interviews.

“What is you preferred location?” They asked in the HR interview. As I said earlier, company had branches in Chennai and Banagaluru. I said “any location is okay for me” (after all you don’t want to be rejected because of the location right?). They selected me and offer letter was sent to my college later. Final year was a fun filled year. You have job in my hand. You can join the job after completing the final year. What else you want? I had completed my Final year. I was waiting for the joining date from my company.

My company was a very nice company. They gave given me 8 months of leave before even joining the company. Yes, I had to wait for 8 months for my joining date. Since recession hit severely, they delayed our joining date. My friends who got placed in other companies got their joining date. They had started their career as soon as they completed the final year. I used to call my company HR Anupama every week to know about my joining. Every time she used say “we will tell your joining date in couple of days”. Those couple of days extended up to 8 months. Finally we got the call. But it was a blow.

They told me that my base location is Noida. I would be trained in Hyderabad for 2 Months. Then I have to travel to Noida and my permanent location is Noida. Noida is a far land for me. My company has acquired another company. That new merger had branches in Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon. So they placed me in Noida. I had to accept because I wasted 8 months after my degree and I didn’t have any other job in my hand.

I had never been to Hyderabad or Noida before. Both were new places to me. Native languages of both these places were new to me. I planned to travel to Hyderabad. I packed all my things and the day had also come.

[To be continued]