Welcome to our last post in our ‘Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers’ series. Let us start our discussion on our last two HR Interview questions.

6. You are a Mechanical / Electrical / Civil / Other graduate. You could get good offers in your department. Why do you prefer to be in IT field?

Most people will think that Perks in IT field attracted them. They could not say this to an unknown interviewer openly. Thus this question becomes tricky one to be answered. Well – Before answering this question, ask the same question to yourself. When did you decide to go to IT Industry?

  • For someone, it is their relatives’ advice who are in IT field for long time.
  • Some disciplines like Electrical / Instrumentation may not have enough job opportunities in South India. For girls, parents won’t allow to stay away from their home. So, I don’t have anyother option than IT field. This answer suits for women candidates from other disciplines.
  • Though I have much interest in IT, I could not get Computer Science department due to low marks in Higher Secondary. That is the reason I opted for other course and now am trying my interested area.
  • I am a computer geek. I did not know much about various disciplines when I completed my schooling. Later, I realized that Computer field is the best suitable one for me as I did my curricular lab very well.

If you have done any Computer course, that will become very good supporting argument for this question. You can add that point as well along with the above answers.

7. What is your Strength? What is your Weakness?

This is one of the very frequent questions. The secret to answer this question is Truth! Tell the truth! It always triumphs! Don’t search the best strength and weakness from others! This question is entirely about you! Think what is your strength and weakness! Once after finalizing your strength and weakness, justify yourself with real examples for that. If anyone says ‘I have good leadership skills’, it becomes their duty to prove that. They can justify that like ‘I have played a role of ‘Captain in football team’, ‘President in any club’, etc.

Don’t say any lie here. Most of the times, the body language itself will reveal the truth.

Example Strength:

  • I won’t take rest until I complete the tasks
  • I will risk my life for the welfare of my friends
  • I will correct myself if someone points out that.

There is no ‘the best’ answer for this question. One should always think which the best suitable answer is for himself.


When we reveal our weakness, it is always good to say some points about how we try to rectify that. Don’t be very open to say the weakness – Remember this is an interview. If you say like ‘I am very lazy and won’t complete any task on time’, this will give you very negative impact. Please avoid this kind of answers here.

Example – Weakness:

  • I am poor in English communication. To rectify that, I started listening to English news in radio.
  • I get tensed soon. I started attending Yoga sessions to reduce that.
  • I am very lazy and hesitate to do the tasks earlier. After graduation, I started realizing that and help my parents.

Sometimes it is good to say your strength as weakness. Wondering? Yes, we can.

  • I am work addict. If any task is given to me, I will never sleep until it gets done.
  • I will forgive my friends always though I face many issues because of this habit.

The above said Top 7 HR questions are not the complete set. People may face more questions. The primary thing is there is no universally accepted right answer. A right answer for one person may be wrong for the other one. It is suggested to discuss all kinds of HR questions with your friends. Get the right answer which suits you! A small lie can spoil the entire interview process. Don’t lie at any time! Remember ‘Truth alone triumphs’! All the very best!