After years gap, I am writing this post on Software Testing.  My previous post on this topic can be found here.  We all know that there are two great tools for Automation Testing.  One is QTP (now, it is UFT) and the other one is Selenium.  There are plenty of differences between these two tools.  The former is from HP, based on VB Script language. The latter is from ThoughtWorks, based on any Object Oriented Programming language like Java, C#, Python or Ruby.  QTP / UFT is proprietary software where as Selenium is Free Software.  You can get it from

Though UFT supports both Windows Environment and Web Environment, the number of trainees become less gradually over the years for UFT Training.  Everybody wants to learn Selenium though it supports only Web Application Automation testing.  Everybody prefers Selenium than UFT.  This is our own experience for the past 4 years.  As we conduct Selenium Training in Velachery, Chennai – we could see this gradual shift!  Even we inquire some of our friends who are in Tambaram, Sholinganallur, Taramani or OMR.  Everybody feels the same.

Selenium > UFT (QTP)

Is Selenium easier than UFT?

What could be the main reason for this shift?  Is it easy to learn than Selenium?  Definitely No!  Selenium depends on OOP languages where as UFT depends on VB Script, which is comparatively an easy language to learn.  What else could be the reason for growing number of trainees getting enrolled for Selenium Training in Chennai?  Let me explain that through an analogy.   Does anyone buy Torch light nowadays?  When did you see any guy listening to songs through FM Radio device?  Do you feel Calculator and Camera sales face a big deep fall in recent years?  Yes, Yes!  What is the main reason for this?  Yes, you are right – The introduction of Smart phones caused all these!  Smart phones sales indirectly become the cause for all these indirect effects!

Online portals play vital role

Similar thing happens to Automation field also!  Every desktop had Floppy disk drive before 10 years!  Floppy disk can contain only 1.44 MB.  Then, Compact Disk was introduced.  Later, it became DVD and Blue ray disc.  Now, nobody has their resume or photographs in these storage devices.  Everything is stored in Social networking sites or online storage drives like Google Drive.  Thus, every human being tends to use online storage through websites.  Almost every organization is having its own website.  Installation of software becomes a night mare and it is avoided by introducing online portals.

Selenium Training overcomes QTP

Thus, everywhere – everybody is connected with World Wide Web.  This reduces the usage of installed applications and increases the use of Web Applications.  How the entry of smart phone affects the usage of other devices, similarly people’s move towards Online portals leads to increase in Web Application Automation Testing.  Of course, Selenium is the front runner in Web Application Automation Testing.  Thus, indirectly, the growth for Selenium happens naturally and this causes the increase in number of people enrolling for Selenium Training in Chennai.  As told already, this is our experience through our Velachery branch.  Do you have any other thought than this? Please do share with us!