Software Training with 100% Placement Assurance in Chennai

Many software Training institutes in Chennai advertise like “software training with 100% placement assurance ”, “Software testing with 100% placement guarantee”, “Mainframe Training in Chennai with job guarantee”, “Job assured Software Training”, “Dot NET Training with 100% Placement”, etc. We will have an insight into the phrase “100% placement assurance or Job guarantee” here.

I personally know many students who have believed in such advertisements and joined a course in such institutes. Most of them were fooled around. Most of the victims were freshers. Because the very first aim of the freshers is to get a job. They search a course which can provide them a job. So when they search a course, they look for placement assurance. Many software training institutes in Chennai harvest with this factor. To understand this, let us first see the components/practices involved in placement.

Can 100% placement assurance turn into reality?

Placement in a software training is a two way process. A best software training institute can provide you quality materials. It can have well experienced trainers. It can give you quality training. It can arrange you many interviews. All these are enough for giving 100% job guarantee? Not at all. What if the trainee does not put enough efforts to get a job? Placement mainly depends on the person who is attending the interview. Placement depends on what the company/industry expect from you. When placement depends also on the trainees, how can the institutes give 100% placement assurance? Does this strike the cord?

How can I recognize and escape from fake advertisements?

Here is what you need to see. Next time when any training institute gives you 100% job guarantee, ask them the list of placed students. Check if the list is very authentic, if they provide (many of them will not provide you the list!). You can see the placed students list in some of the institute’s websites. If you have a close look, you can see that the student names do not contain any surnames.

For example if the list has the name Siva placed in TCS or CTS. There might be hundreds of Sivas working such big companies. You cannot find that person without surname in such companies. How will you ensure that Siva really studied in the institutes you are enquiring?

Secondly, you can ask “what if they give the complete name with Surname?”. How can you find that person unless you have a contact in that company? Even it is a small company, the will not allow you inside their premises for such enquiries.

If you get the placed students list check if there is student’s email id associated in the list. Send an email to that old trainee and get the confirmation. Check if the students Facebook or Google+ profile associated with the placed student’s list in the website. Check if they have posted any photo of that placed student along with their email id. Check if they have video of the placed student’s feedback. If you can’t get any of these, you can easily find out that the institute is providing false promises.

What to look in an institute for placement focus?

  • Check if the trainer is well experienced.
  • Check if real time training is provided
  • Check if the training program demands your active participation
  • Inquire about the quality of the training
  • Ensure that there is focus and care on the individual trainee
  • Ask if they conduct frequent tests and provide the feedback on your performance
  • Check whether provide authentic information about placed students(you check the factors mentioned in the above paragraph)
  • Check if the institute has good reviews from old students.
  • Ask if they conduct mock interviews
  • Ask whether they conduct Group discussions
  • Ask if they groom trainee’s communication and analytical skills
  • Ask if they are arranging interviews
  • Ask if they can help you till you get placement

If the answer is “yes” for the above questions, then that institute can help you to get job quickly. Don’t make yourself trapped in “100% Placement” advertisements! Time and Money are essential to lead good life! Invest them properly. Good Luck!