MongoDB Training in Chennai

MongoDB is the latest and rapidly growing database service provided by MongoDB,Inc Its scaling feature has attracted fortune 500 companies and many agile teams towards it.As a document-oriented database MongoDB provides high performance, auto failover and auto scaling.

Evolving technologies such as Bigdata are an added advantage for those using MongoDB as their database.Many e-commerce applications use a combination of MongoDB and MySQL. The product page which changes rapidly uses MongoDB’s flexible data model. On the other hand, the checkout system, which requires complex transactions uses RDBMS like Mysql.
We also provide knowledge of various tools that are mandatory for a DBA such as Percona tool kit, PerconaXtrabackup,Mongo Cloud Manager and basic concepts of Bash Scripting for various database functionalities.

MongoDB Training in Chennai – Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Intro to MongoDB
  • Difference between RDBMS and NoSQL, MYSQL
Chapter 2: Crud,Admin Commands

Chapter 3: Performance (Indexing)

Chapter 4: Replication (Introduction)

Chapter 5: Replication (Configuring replica sets)

Chapter 6: Scalability
Chapter 7: Backup And Restore

Chapter 8: Overview
  • Tools
  • Cloud Manager
  • Bash Scripting

Chapter 9: Special sessions
  • Tools – Mongodb Cloud Manager
  • Robo Mongo, dex index bot
  • Bash Scripting – Basics