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Payilagam offers Free Software Training in Chennai for the destitute graduates from poor families. We offer more than 50 courses including Software Testing, Java, .NET, Mainframe, PHP, Oracle, NetApp, DevOps, Ionic and so on. As it is well known, Payilagam is professional, community spirited, progressive training institute in Chennai run by team of IT Professionals. As a team, we decided to lend our hands to the aspiring candidates who hail from poor family back ground.

For this Free Software Training Program, we assure the following to the aspiring candidates:

  • Candidate should be poor. This is the only condition to get admitted to the courses.
  • No Single Paise will be collected from the joining candidates
  • No Hidden Charges like Application Fees, Registration Fees, Tuition Fees,etc will be collected. It is completely free courses Program for the needy, Poor Graduates.
  • Candidates will be selected based on the information they are providing here. These information will be validated by a team of IT Professionals. On the basis of their decision, graduate candidates will be called for Interviews.
  • During the Interview, Candidates may be requested to provide the attested Photocopies of necessary Certificates.

Thus, to really reach the destitute graduates, It becomes mandatory for us to collect the basic information from the destitute graduate candidates as below. We request you to furnish the below information to achieve our goal. This information will definitely help us to nurture the poor and needy graduates.

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