Various Job Roles In Software Field

In this blog we are going to discuss about Various Job Roles In Software Field . Let us discuss below . 


                                      Almost all the newly-graduated, inexperienced job seekers think that IT companies recruit only software developers and testers.

This notion is entirely false, and these young job seekers are completely unaware of it.

They firmly believe that learning new programming languages is the only way to get into their dream IT firm.

As a result, they neglect the degree of specialization or skills they have already acquired over the years and force themselves to drown in the huge ocean of DOT NET or Java lessons.

So to make job seekers aware of the different kind job roles offered by IT companies, the following piece of information is specifically researched and drafted.

With this, they can now choose the job role that seems suitable for their interests and skill, rather than blindly going for programming.

IT Jobs

1) Developer

A programmer or developer is the one who codes the complex logic behind any application. The main job of the coder is to develop a software application that meets all the requirements specified by the client. Besides, if you choose Developer as your career, then you should be willing to learn any new programming languages.  But, please remember there are new languages introduced very often.  Along with these new languages, you should keep up with latest changes of already existing ones. A brilliant coder and a constant learner—this what a company will expect from you.

To Learn: C, C#, Java, Python, PHP.

2) Software tester

An application developed by a Developer should undergo various testing procedures to ensure its quality and readiness for future deployment. This is where software testers come and play their part. They perform a thorough assessment of the recently-built application, find out the small/big defects and get them immediately fixed by developers before they send the final product to the client.
Analytical and critical thinking is necessary for this job role.
To Learn: Selenium, Appium QTP, API, SoapUI and manual testing.

3) Web developer

As the name suggests, a web developer builds websites or web platforms for clients. It may seem busy, but coding the whole infrastructure behind a highly multimedia-ed website is not easy. It requires a lot of patience and hard work.
Unlike any other job role, a web developer should possess a little bit of creative fibre in his brain. So a person who identifies themselves as a creative mind can aspire to become a web developer.
To Learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for front-end development) and PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, SQL, ASP. NET (for back-end development)

4) Network Admin

Network administrators set up, manage, maintain and manipulate the company’s LAN network. In some cases, these network personnel become IT Security by performing the overlapping duty of protecting the firm’s secured network from any malicious threats, too.
Due to its complexity and confidentiality, ethically good problem-solvers are usually sought after for this job role.
Certification: The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

5) HR

An HR is a non-IT-type worker of the firm, whose main job is to recruit the potential future employees from the mass pool of job seekers. Apart from this, they also plan and execute the administrative tasks of the company and help employees to maintain a good harmony with the organization.
To become an HR, strong multitasking abilities, impressive communication and negotiation skills, quick decision-making skills, and honest work ethics are needed.
Degree: MBA from a recognized university.

6) Tech support


Tech support team offers troubleshooting advices to the clients and fixes both software and hardware issues of the users who work with computers. So a person who thoroughly knows the in-and-out of the computers, along with some basic communication skills, can apply for the job.
Requires: a degree or a certification in technical support

7) Content writer

Graduates who excel in writing (in the English language) and have an excellent creativity skill can apply to this job. Recruiters usually do not demand a college degree in any form of writing courses. So once you apply and prove your writing ability to HR, they will take you in and assigns writing projects in regular interval. The project might be a technical writing or a copywriting or an SEO writing and so on. So learn all forms of writing before taking up this job offer.
A certification in content writing is always a plus if you are not an English literature major.

8) Soft skills trainer

Other than technical or core-related skills and knowledge, a company generally needs its employee to excel in a set of skills that are essential to run the business successfully. This set of skills includes communication skill, people skill, problem-solving skill, strong work ethic, leadership skill and so on. So, for this purpose, the company incorporate a team of experts called soft skills trainers who help the organization’s tech-savvy employees to up-skill their soft skill set.
Job seekers who enjoy teaching can apply for this job role.
Required: Related courses and certifications.

– Usha Velladurai

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