1) What do you know about php?

2) Write different comments in php?

3) How to declare constant in php?

4) Write any four magic constants in php?

5) Write any 5 super global variable in php?

6) What is the difference between echo and print?

7) What is the difference between post and get?

8) Why we use request in php?

9) What is timestamp in php?

10) How to create, write, read and delete a file in php?

11) How to check the file in php?

12) How to validate IP address in php?

13) What is the difference between include and require?

14) Calculate the length of “PAYILAGAM”.

15)Extract “YILAG” from “PAYILAGAM”.

16) How to remove “PYM” from “PAYILAGAM”.

17) How to declare a variable in php?

18) What is the difference between print_r and var_dump

19) What is the difference between implode and explode.

20) Array: Length, combine, sort(all sortings with key and values), size, structure, shuffle, push, pop, map, reverse, search, shift, slice, unique, multi_sort, pad, compact.

21) What do you know about session and cookie.

22) How to calculate date in php?

23) How to use a global variable as a local variable.

24) Write a query for create a table in php? ( Go through All MySql queries).

25) How to connect php with mysql server.

26) How to insert a data into mysql database.

27) How to retrieve a data from database in php.

28) How to update a data in database in php.

29) How to retrieve all table from database in php.

30) How to retrieve all database from mysql server in php.

31) What is class.

32) what is object?

33) what is the difference between method overloading and method overridng.

34) why we go for interface.

35) what do you know about inheritance.

36) How to create an object in php?

37) What is the difference between constructor and distructor.

38) What do you know about polimorphism.

39) What is the difference between abstract class and non-abstract class.

40) Why we go for encaptulation?

41) Why we use require_once()?

42) How to check values in array?

43) How to set cookies?

44) What is the use of mysql_query ()

45) Why we use mysql_fetch_object?

46) Difference between implode and split.

47) How can we redirect a page?

48) Why we use isset

49) Why we use enctype attribute while uploading image?

50) What is the use of mysql_real_escape_string() function?