Search Engine Optimization – An Overview:

 In this blog we are going to discuss about Search Engine Optimization – An Overview: Let us explain it below :


                       Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as ‘SEO’ is the process of getting maximum visibility to a webpage or a website.

It is nothing but affecting the visibility of a page so that the number of users visiting the page gets increased.

People mostly check only the first few websites returned from the search results.

SEO is all about making sure that any website comes in first few search results so that the number of visits gets increased.

SEO uses various methodologies, strategies and techniques to increase the amount of visitors by getting high ranking of SERP for the website or webpage.

SERP is search engine result page that is the page displayed by search engine when users specify certain keywords.

Basically these tools help in obtaining higher ranking in SERP so that the website will have more clicks.

SEO also helps to make sure that your website appears in search results when users search for relevant keywords.

SEO reads texts, keywords, tags of websites so that it returns the websites when the specified keywords are queried by the users.

It is also the organic way of getting traffic to your website rather than the un-natural ways such as paying for traffic.

Like any other process, there are do’s and don’ts for SEO too.

So it is in our best interests to follow the correct techniques to get maximum traffic and not indulge in any shortcuts.