I am a Mainframe Trainer in a reputed training institute in Chennai. Students usually use search engines to find the best software training institutes in Chennai. Also they ask their friends who have already done any courses in the training institutes. They gather all the information about training institutes in Chennai. After that, they choose an institute which is best suited for them. Here comes the problem. Just joining a best institute will give you all the knowledge you need and the placement? Trainees think so. Is that true?

Joining a good institute may help you in getting the knowledge to some extent. Is it the only factor that makes a software training program effective? Is it the only factor that makes the training program successful? Certainly not! Trainees do forget that they have massive role to play in the training process. They do not know that quality software training is a two way process. As a trainer I feel that the participation from trainees in the below areas are must. These qualities are expected of the trainees to make the training program a grand success. We see the role of trainees in software training here.

1. Consistent attendance

After joining a course, don’t bunk the classes. As it is a short term course each and every class is important. If you bunk a first or second day class of a new topic and join in the middle, you will not have fair idea about the whole concept that is taught

2. Be Punctual

Try to be punctual to the classes. Imagine you are 10 minutes late to the class daily. You may think that it is just 10 minutes. Actually you are losing 10 hours in a 60 day training program.

3. Be attentive

A best training institute cannot open your skull and store the information on your brain. You should be very attentive in the class and listen what the trainer says. Because, you are paying for it.

4. Ask questions

Ask as many as questions in the classes. Your question may be a dumb question. Don’t worry about it. You will get a clear idea only if you ask. Believe me; one of your co-trainees may have the same question in mind. But he may hesitate to ask it. Asking questions will make the classes more interactive, interesting and lively. Everyone will enjoy it.

5. Attend the tests

Make sincere efforts for the tests conducted. Test results will give an idea to the trainer where you are lagging and where he is lagging. This will help the trainer to give you a special focus and any additional training.

6. Raise you voice

Reach out to the training program moderator for any issues in the training. Provide frequent feedback about the trainer and training process. This will help to resolve the issues then there and make any improvements. There is always a scope for improvement event if it is a world class training institute.

7. Ask for Mock-Interviews

Don’t forget ask for mock-interviews. Ask the training program moderator to arrange for mock interviews at the end of training program. Mock interview is an important checkpoint to test your capacity. It will give you an interview experience before you actually go to any interviews.

8. Use the technical forums and internet

Join the internet technical forums related to your subject and actively participate in the forum discussions. There will be lot of real time technical issues discussed in the forum. Reach out to your trainer if you don’t understand anything there. This will provide you real time training experience. Because you get to know about the real time issues and get a chance to practice and resolve them during your training itself. This will give you a competitive edge when you go for placement interviews.

9. Share Knowledge

Talk to your co-trainees. Help them if they have any doubts. Share your knowledge. They will also share what they know. You will get to know lot of things.