In one fine morning, I came to know this. We run .NET training in our Chennai center. Normally, I encourage our students to ask more questions in classes. To get real time training, it is necessary to be attentive in classes. Unless, you ask questions, nobody can say you are attentive and interested. We really encourage our students to get as much as from the trainer. Training like .NET needs complete understanding. Otherwise, students will definitely struggle when they get into real projects. We have C# .NET and ASP .NET in our curriculum for .NET Training.

A few days back, I got this question from one of my .NET students. He asked, “Sir, do you know what is ASP .NET meant for?” Before to his question, I never had this in my mind. I am not a programming guy. Anyway, I felt his question was nice one. Immediately, I enquired my .NET trainer. He explained me in simple terms. I am just sharing his words here.

This is the world of Internet. Hence, to create dynamic web pages, we are definitely in need of a framework. ASP .NET is used for that. Yes, ASP.NET is a server side Web Application framework. This is designed to develop dynamic web pages. Moreover, ASP .NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Now, you might wonder “What is CLR?”

CLR is nothing but an execution engine. This gives assurance to provide properties and behaviors in Memory Management, Security and Exception Handling.

Don’t we have any programming language for writing ASP.NET code? Yes, we do. According to Microsoft, ASP.NET supports Visual Basic, C# and J#. In simple words, ASP.NET uses VB or C# to build dynamic web pages. If you know java or j2ee already, it is easy to understand the use of ASP.NET. ASP.NET serves the same purpose of J2EE.