“Why do we require software training institutes when there are plenty of online training videos are available?” This is the question thrown at me during lunch time a few days back. We discussed this for more than half an hour. I felt this is one of the good questions, for which a training institute should know the answer.

After the internet era started, there are good number of blogs, articles, PDFs, video tutorials available. These are not only for learning Software but for any field. One of my friends learned preparing dishes with the help of online training videos. I have gone through many videos related to networking area. (By the way, I like the videos of Eli the Computer guy. Link http://www.youtube.com/user/elithecomputerguy). Likewise, you may also have seen videos on Basics of Java, .NET or Software testing, etc. My cousin learnt drawing mehandi by watching videos in youtube.

Now, the question is, Are these online videos enough for software training? I do agree that they are providing good information. But, definitely they are not enough. Why? The reason is simple. The trainings could not be customized to our need. The videos will provide generic information in which, you may know some points already and for a few points, you may expect more depth information. Thus, these videos will not fulfill your needs.

In crisp,

  • Online Software Training Videos are good enough to learn basics but not suitable for complete training
  • Software Training Videos are generic, not customized to your needs
  • If you ask question, you need to wait for days to get the answer
  • You cannot get proper emphasize where you want to stop and where you want to go faster.
  • The slang of the trainers may disturb you. As native speakers have different accent, you may get affected.