Everybody knows the power of Mobile Applications.  Due to the rise of Mobile App Development, many youngsters are coming to us asking Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai.  Their main focus is on either Android Training as it leads the with more than 60%.  The second choice is very obvious – iOS.  This has more than 20% of Mobile App market.

Different Programming Languages – A Bane

For those, who opt for Android training, will go for Java Training initially.  iOS developers will learn Objective-C or Swift language in their training.  If anyone chooses Windows for Mobile, it is .NET to learn.  Learning different languages for different platforms becomes annoyance for developers.  Though one is very good in Android App Development, he/she can never enter into iOS arena.  The vice versa is also the same.  Moreover, if an organization needs a Mobile App in all three platforms, they need three different development teams to work on.  There is no code sharing between these teams as they use different languages.  And, the organization needs to spend more money also as the hiring cost would be greater.  Thus, it becomes bother for them as well.

One Solution for Many problems?

As different platforms are dependent or different languages, can we omit all those programming languages?  Can we focus on getting training on cross platform Mobile Applications which will suite for almost all platforms? Yes, we can!  Ionic training is one of the best solutions!  It has open source SDK.  The powerful usage of HTML5 and JavaScript helps Ionic to access the native platform layer.

Benefits of Ionic Training in Chennai:

  • Open Source and Free
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS
  • No new programming language needs to be trained.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript make your App Design excellent without much effort
  • With Angular – developers can develop Mobile Apps very easily.