Before thinking about this topic – Let me ask you one question – Are “Java Training in Chennai” and “Java J2EE Training in Chennai” both same? Technically the answer is no. Everybody knows that “Java” refers to J1SE or Core Java. J2EE is Advanced Java.

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But, if you ask for the whole term “Java Training in Chennai” – practically the answer is yes. Every Training Institute is giving both Java and J2EE Training under the term “Java Training”. Few training institutes consider Java and J2EE as separate courses whereas a few consider as single entity.

Java Training in Chennai – For Whom?

There are different kind of people searching for Java Training. Somebody are from other domains. They want to enrich their Object Oriented Programming Training. Most of the people are Job Seekers. As IT Industry provides more Job opportunities for Java Developers, Job seekers prefer to learn Java.

Java is OOP Language. Is it the only OOP Language in the world? No. Is it the first OOP language in the world? No. Is it easier OOP Language than other OOP languages? Definitely, No.  Is it 100% OOP language?  No.  Every answer is No. What makes people to go crazy with Java? Yes, it is not only OOP language but also platform independent language.

Platform Independent Language

What is meant by Platform independent?  Well, Have we ever heard the term “Platform”?  In railway station!  Exactly!  What is the role of platform in a railway station?  It acts as an intermediate between train and the passengers.  The same role is done by a software here as well.  What that software is called us?  Is it Java?  No.  No?  Then what software it is?  It is Operating System.  What does Operating System do with Java?  Can OS understand programming languages?  Is Java easy for OS?  Should I learn about OS also?  Let us learn.